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blog-0200440001426569522.jpgYes, It has been a while. I'm glad to be adding another post! :)


Yesterday an opportunity appeared that I wanted yet it was not in the exact form that I expected so I didn't react quickly enough. Just a gentle reminder to all reading this, that our subconscious does create opportunities and although it may be too obvious to state I will say it anyway "if the opportunity is close enough to your vision respond to it!"; discard the exact image you have in your mind; reality might be creating something better for you. I'm not bummed out; you live and you learn. There was this great moment; where I was chatting with my friend over coffee. I was reminded of how lucky I am to be in her company and the gratitude really overpowered everything. Gratitude reminds me that more doors are open that we can acknowledge. :)


On a different note, Recently I watched a movie called 'Being John Malkovich' it does quite a good job of visually capturing consciousness. I really wonder how different it is to be experiencing the same situation from another person's perspective. Hmmm I wonder, in the future, if renting this sort of simulation experience will exist. It's quite possible; it might be a consciousness study/research. Again food for thought.


Love <3 Light :D Limitless...


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