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a question i bestow upon any sentience that makes contact with these words.





is it sincere? or are you just fooling yourself?



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It is so the One Creator may know itself through distorted perception (ie. ego/individual personality) and elevate itself through the 8 dimensions of existence to remind itself through experiential form what it only temporarily forgot; that it is everything! :) Its also because the Nothing (non-existence) got very bored and wanted to challenge itself; so it created everything. When I was younger 7 years old I use to laugh and think life was a joke; I would constantly think "Am I back here? I was just here." I remember vividly thinking that. I've learned that I am a wanderer from one higher dimension thats why its so easy to understand all of this. I am basically "recapping" on a previous lesson of existence. I chose to be here out of choice in my last living life; My soul needed a challenge; as a child I had things happen to more my emotional self than physical self; the energy needed to be re-aligned it was because I dropped one level (I experienced energy "jet-lag" so to speak). I can't answer what everyone's purpose is in life. I know what mine is. I can only encourage everyone to do what makes them feel most alive because that is our soul's purpose to feel most alive again. It is how it is programmed; that what brings us joy is the reason for our existence. Joy created existence. (I call it the feeling of "eternal happiness" its a great feeling; meditation helps achieve it its like your soul shivers through the mesmerizing beauty that you see all around you. You can see the light. Its the moment You comprehend all the beauty that You created.) Try reading "The Alchemist" if you already haven't (its about following our Personal Legend (Soul Purpose) and through the language of the Universe (ie Signs, visions, Intuition) its written quite beautifully like an adult fairytale. Also Check 'You Are Creators' Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/YouAreCreators :) All I Know is Life is bliss and Happiness Awaits; Our Emotions are under Control and even though it may not appear this way; our experience every last one is a choice. Once we acknowledge this and understand how empowering it is to take accountability and responisibility for every single last thought. We become mindful creators! Utopia is not altruistic, unreasonable, or even distant from now. All it takes is for every last "lego" piece of the mind (each personality) to become congruent with the whole. We build a new foundation for humanity. :) 


Ps. I'm pretty happy with this generation! I've noticed that there is a HUGE consciousness shift; It makes me proud to have been younger in my favourite decade; I wish experienced more of it and I will one day (hate to date myself-- we're all immortal :P) I know there is a reason why we exist now but why we were also nurtured in a certain decade collective values

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I exist because I AM.  I BE.  As to why I am here on this planet, at this time, I feel that I do have a purpose.  Am I fooling myself??  I have no idea, only the 'future' will show me.  But I can say that when I was a wee small girl (a long, long time ago ;)  I knew that I was born here and now for a Higher Purpose.  Back then I called it "on a mission for God",  now I realize that it is more truthful to say "I AM here to assist in the raising of a planet and all thereon into a Higher Frequency, freeing all from this crazy prison it has become".  Or, words to that intent.

Do I get frustrated and lose hope on occasion, of course, I am in a human body with human emotions.  I feel as though I am here, not to learn any lessons since I AM already ALL THERE IS, but as a crash course in understanding the plight of humanity as a whole,  I have experienced all that I have (and it has NOT been an easy life for me!!!)  in order to empathize with humanity.  Otherwise I would not want to be here, why would I?? Humans treat each other appallingly!!!   But with that empathy, I feel a love so deep for the human race that I am willing to be here, to raise my own frequencies back into Truth, as a wayshower, the avant garde, the protype for the new Hu-man that I like to call Homo-Luminous.  I am a work in progress, progressing rapidly at this time, whew, it's been a ride!!!

I do see a shift in consciousness, that gives me hope, for sure...   In the meantime I proceed from one moment of joy and beauty to the next, and am thankful when those moments are closer together :)  

Otherwise, yeah, what Skye said!!  


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wow, both of you are some very interesting individuals, kimrey, yes everything is sentient, i have realized the true GOD, so reality for me has really has immensely intensified in quality, i actually have discovered my a reason for my existence that is completely self sufficient, i have also extended the intention externally. Skye thank you for your very meaningful, insightful and relatable input, i appreciate each word both of you have given, again thank you. power to you

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