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The Matrix



blog-0981027001425171082.jpgI stayed up all night watching all the Matrix movies. Oh I hope to never grow up :P I soon came to realize while walking in the subway how brilliant and funny the metaphor of the Matrix and our perception of reality is. Today I manifested a career goal that I had pursued for about a decade; it was a great relief and sense of pulsating joy (the feeling of really being alive). Imagine you were rock climbing a very difficult terrain and after so much persistence the rush of enjoying the panoramic view is both breath-taking and priceless. :)


Since everyone on this amazing site has a goal they're working towards. I'd love to share what I believe was the key to this success. Wayne Dyer is a remarkable author. He has a guided sound meditation, simply go through it everyday in the morning for about a month; Miracles Happen! I could actually physically feel re-energized after doing the mediation. I like that it was interactive and allows time for personal affirmations or visualizations. This gives more freedom to the experience.


I know all your Dreams Come True.


Happy Manifesting! :)


Love <3 Light :D Limitless...


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i've said this before, i'll say it again, YOU THE REAL MVP!!! (derrick rose NBA 2014 MVP speech reference)


also a sincere congratulations upon attaining your success, it inspires an intense degree of hope and courage within my being, i shall ride the light beams of becoming who and what i want to be within this strange reality....consistency truly is key

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