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5 Stages of Awareness



I’d like to start this entry with Gratitude.

Here is an Irish Blessing

“May you always be blessed:

With walls for the wind,

A roof for the rain,

A warm cup of tea by the fire,

Laughter to cheer you,

Those you love near you,

And all that your

Heart might desire.”


I once had a conversation with a spiritual mentor about the big existential question "What is Life?" Well, Life is many different wonderful things! :) Through this perspective Life is what we experience on any level of the 5 Stages of Awareness.


Stage of Awareness: Happiness:

1. Body (5%) à Animal

2. Senses (10%) à Animal

3. Mind (20%) à Human

4. Intellect (50%) à Wise Man

5. Soul (100%) à Spiritual Enlightenment


Let’s say that 100% Happiness equates to Spiritual Enlightenment/merging our minor consciousness with the superconscious (only because there is no really number that can quantify that otherwise ;p)

The first two stages of awareness body/senses belonged to animal consciousness and provide only a limited amount of the true capacity of Happiness. The third stage and fourth stage, the Mind and intellect offers considerably more depth to the experience of Happiness. While using the hypnosis tracks, as an individual we are opening the doorway to move up through these levels. Today as I was going about my day while listening to the tracks and I realized we don’t live in a reality per se but in a feedback loop of thoughts that influence this holographic perspective that we call our Life. This isn’t an original idea, many people have said it before. I mentally felt the gravity of the concept at that very moment. It was a powerful feeling, one that words weren't created to describe. Many A-Ha moments occur when you connect with the world within (your inner voice). I went through the downloadable tracks that will relate to achieving the 5th stage.The tracks are listed below, Enjoy!




DNA Activation

Easy Meditation

Universal Energy

Third Eye Chakra

Unlimited Wisdom

Unlimited Happiness

Positive Mind Control


Some hypnosis topics that would also assist (secondary) in the process:

Past Lives

Truth Seeker

Heart Chakra

Mental Toughness

Master Your Emotions

Ultimate Self-Acceptance


I remember the spiritual mentor also saying that Inanimate objects/types of happiness is temporary (materialism) and that only Enlightenment (5th Stage) fully achieved receiving happiness from only animate (living) things.

Some food for thought!

Happy Friday J


Enjoy the Weekend!!!


Love <3 Light :D Limitless...



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