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Hypnotic Seduction E-Book

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Hi there,

Thank you for reading...I devoured this book with the purpose to learn to tell hypnotic like stories to my wife.

I'm curious...In order to practice this with her or with others, would I say something along the lines of..."I heard of this story that is really neat...may I tell you?" or "I am practicing a story to tell for a possible future completion...may I tell you?



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the stories are meant to sound conversation. Not "stories' that you heard from somebody and need permission to tell to somebody else. The idea is you tell them just like you would any other set of stories. If you are uncomfortable with some of the content, just say, "I read about this guy on the internet who..." and just tell the story.


The whole point of COVERT hypnosis is that it's COVERT. Meaning you don't announce what you are doing. You just do it. Don't ask for permission.

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