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  1. Ten Inch Penis

    Thanks for reply, so there are many variables for your product to work. Do you mention this on your website?
  2. Ten Inch Penis

    WOW Laci where were you all these times, as soon I post a negative comment. Administrator replied and immediately after a user replied. So George tells that(blue) and my question are in red The sessions change your beliefs. (so my penis will remain the same but I will belief that my penis is huge) Your beliefs change your behavior.(what behavior will acquire after listening, please list the behaviors?) Your behavior creates the result The subliminals DO NOT alter reality. ( So you are telling that the size of my penis will remain the same since subliminals do not alter reality)
  3. Ten Inch Penis

    Week 4 Result Increase = 0% No sign of improvement I think the subliminal do not work. Since the price is only $5 (I am living in a developing country, even here 5$ is peanut)and the duration is 1hour. The author strategy is, no one will listen to this everyday and will be ashamed to ask for refund. So 100% profit for the author. I will continue to listen for 4 weeks and see what happen.
  4. Ten Inch Penis

    Week 3 Result Increase = 0 % No sign of Improvement Will continue to listen and inform next week.
  5. Ten Inch Penis

    Week 2 Result Increase = 0 % No sign of Improvement Will continue to listen and inform next week.
  6. Ten Inch Penis

    Week 1 Result : Increase= 0% Will continue and inform next week.
  7. Ten Inch Penis

    purchase ten inch, start tomorrow. Will let know the results. Hopefully positive
  8. Ten Inch Penis

    Me too, I need to increase the size of my penis. I would be very grateful to hear how well it works. 1st October 2017 I am starting to listen fat burner for 30 days. After I will purchase ten inch.