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  1. So I've come to the personal realization that master mixes are better for me personally. I've bought so many of Hutton's subliminals and others that I don't have the time to listen to all of them effectively. I also use a lot of your subs in the moment for "seduction purposes" and yeah they work, but they really work when I put the master mixes to use. Which had me come to my own individual epiphany that if I listen to master mixes just like I listen to individual tracks ( but for like 2 hrs. not 20 min. which I do for individual tracks ) on a daily basis I'll still get those long-term results, which may take longer with master mixes, but I can cover vast amounts of content in much shorter amounts of time. I understand that I will need to touch up with individual sub tracks to work on certain areas more profoundly. I also discovered that our subconscious can hold up to 25,000 bits of information at one time which means I can create master mixes of master mixes, I have a sound editor now so I can make my own custom versions of all the wonderful content you have to offer. With this discovery, I also came to the notion that if we want to speed up results why not listen to the same track simultaneously two and three times over and your good to go ... anyone has any input, suggestions, or questions about this methodology please feel free to chime in, and Hutton in your opinion do you think this will work ?
  2. Well one of George's affiliates "Raunchy Subliminals" uses silent subliminals on his you tube channel .. I dont trust him .. I have my reasons
  3. Great !.. U cleared that up, I guess MW is next on my Xmas list, its just coming 11 months early, right in time for Valentines and Mardi Gras.
  4. I wanted to know whats is the big difference between "Manifest Women" and some of your previous products like "Girlfriend Generator" or "Alpha Male" ... Its not the question of quality with the sub-programs, its the quantity, as I have already so many subs I use for you, sometimes I feel like I'm overloading myself.
  5. Sakima

    Best Headphones for Subliminal/Hypnosis?

    Blutooth .. LG headphones
  6. Sakima

    Subliminals During Sleep

    OK .. I'll check out your thread .. Thanx
  7. How effective or ineffective are the subs during sleep ... anybody ?
  8. I can tell you live in a big metropolitan city by the way you're describing your post. lol ... What I've found that worked for me are visualization and affirmations .. not subliminal but writing them out or verbally speaking them out for a period of time. Like "I enjoy being around people although I still have ample amounts of time for myself". It's better when you feel good when you say them. Take time out for visualization exercises where you see yourself in the company of good people enjoying yourself, or being happy energetic around the kids you tend to, then see yourself ... alone, peaceful, relaxed or whatever is your favorite pastime is. (remember to feel good while visualizing) Then take the two visions and merge them into one and say, I AM a ambivert! and you should have a clear definition of what an ambivert is.
  9. Interpersonal resonance is life changing !!! .. you can turn enemies into allies, skyrocket your communication skills, and people can smell your Inner game from a mile away. Natural Influence if used consistently can get you what u want w/o you even opening your mouth ... Use them together correctly and get ready for a new life, best thing since cream cheese and a toasted bagel ! P.S. .. no other subliminal program has this ... NI there's some who flirt with Influence but not like this, and IR is ahead of its time, I'm totally blown the fuck away .. ( sorry but that's how I actually feel ) .. I did a 180 socially at my workplace. George should get some type of big trophy and a speech for this one. Yessss
  10. Pretty creative way to solve the problem, use the sub in the right circumstances ... I'll try that too, especially when I need to network, but I will primarily go with the cocktail approach for now ... Imagine the sub as ingredients in a cocktail I'll pour 2 shots of NI topped off with a strong dash of IR, something like that. I feel there are two different methods to get the same thing no matter what funnel I place them in .. like 70% of this and 30% of that you get the picture. Thanks for the concern Athena inquiring minds like mine wanna find the right trajectory to propel these subs into the subconscious for the greatest benefit.
  11. It seems to me that Natural Influence and Interpersonal Resonance clash with each other ... I was using NI for about 2 weeks before I purchased IR and was literally persuading everyone to give me want I asked for, consciously or unconsciously .. Then I started to use IR and while people liked chatting with me more, it was much much harder to persuade them, then I got back a lil more resistance than I usually would with NI solo. I used both of them on daily basis, does anyone on the forum have any similar exp. with NI and IR butting heads, I like them both but it seems like Im gonna have to choose one over the other.
  12. Sakima

    Reality Engineering

    Okay I found reality engineering promotional letter ..