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  1. smokinskull007

    One For The Ladies!

    yes I will uploading all of them on my website. youtube dosen't like these type of subliminals on their platform so can't upload there.
  2. smokinskull007

    One For The Ladies!

    Hi! I have made some changes and the videos should work now. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks! List of Videos for Women on my website: https://subliminalshinobi.com/category/subliminal-affirmations/for-women/ I'll be adding more videos here for women. stay tuned!
  3. smokinskull007

    One For The Ladies!

    Hi! just checked, when you click the 'direct link' to the video as provided by george, it dosen't play, its strange. the work around is to just click the 'pop out' icon on the top right corner, it'll open the video in a new window and it'll play from there. thanks for bringing it to my notice, i'll try and find a solution till then use the work around as provided above. Thank You!
  4. smokinskull007

    New Member in desperate need for help !

    check out george hutton's 'super learning' course. Couple of subliminals for improving math skills: all the best!
  5. no idea about other channels. mind power's channel was growing the fastest and then suddenly this. i would say stick to george hutton preferably or to subliminal makers who post affirmations in the description box. tc!
  6. Thank you @admin and @Light for your insights, was contemplating on this one for a long time as almost 90% of the subliminal makers on youtube are posting silent subliminal without posting affirmations in the description box. Also, there was a huge controversy regarding 'Mind Power' [one of the fastest growing subliminal makers on youtube] that she was using dark hidden messages in her subliminal uploads which caused many problems to her users, after the uproar she has retired from making subliminals. She used to layer many voices in her subliminals like george's 256 voices, but she used to disclose only affirmations she wanted to show in the description box and not the harmful silent one she had put in separately. So guys take care and I would highly recommend sticking to geroge hutton videos only. Thanking You. -- Regards, smokinskull007
  7. Many silent subliminal channels on youtube do not post affirmations in the description box stating that --> "It defeats the purpose to tell your conscious mind exactly what the affirmations are. Then It no longer is a subliminal, it just becomes regular affirmations that can fade with time." What are your thoughts @admin on the same? Thanking You. -- Regards, smokinskull007
  8. smokinskull007

    subminal in helpig me in asking for helps to others?

    there is a 'clear speech' video by george hutton on youtube. search it.
  9. smokinskull007

    Hypnotic Seduction - Coming Soon

    OMG! can't wait for this one to come out
  10. smokinskull007

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    absolutely agree with what you're saying, you don't need "game" to get women. I have experienced this myself.
  11. smokinskull007

    Instant Alpha Hypnosis experience

    I didn't know that alpha hypnosis was a guided meditation. thanks for the information. will try it out myself.
  12. smokinskull007

    Manifest Women - Coming Soon

    Excellent product. Absolute value for money.
  13. smokinskull007

    Lazy Way Persuasion - Coming Soon!

    wow! I might have to check this one out myself, will help me a lot in my offline profession.
  14. smokinskull007

    Best Headphones for Subliminal/Hypnosis?

    thank you that was helpful