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  1. jerrymp

    Subconscious Sexual Energy

    I understand the theory of " sexual energy." Sexual energy is the most important form of energy because we are literally created through the sex and are created to continue the circle of life. That's all well said and done. But, how do the hell do you apply it so they are looking at you with desires in their eyes like a kid in a candy store. Please please please... So how do you do it?
  2. jerrymp

    Thought Replicators

  3. jerrymp

    The Cat's Paw Strategy

    This is freaking hilarious
  4. jerrymp

    Cause Effect Demons

    I love this new style of work. Keep up the great work George. Now, I won't GO INSANE, but I will keep doing what I gotta do to keep up with the JONES. However, way you like, you can continue this route of yours and see where it shall take you. Perhaps, in the hospital being evaluated for insanity or what not. But, you know better than us. For you are Intelligent. There is no right or wrong in the world. Only perspectives that MONEY has a great deal of weight into. However, with this there are certaintly things that money does provide. FOr example, when you decide to buy my product you will see the effects it has in your life. The positive effects. Whatever you wish for Can be yours. Get Started
  5. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Wassup everyone, just got back from 6 months in the army. I'll be in New York for good now. From here on I think I have a good momentum to keep pushing this forward now. I have a lot of plans of action, and the extra money I made while I was at the army is giving me a great boost in momentum. Having money is so nice it helps you to think more clearly and also allows for easy action. This was just a quick post saying I'm BACK!!!!
  6. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Hey ALL, As many of you guys know I've been away for quite some time now. I recently joined the military to spice things up a bit. I wasn't completely satisfied with my life was going so I gave this path a chance to see how things. Don't completely hate it, yet there is much to complain about. The good news is that it is another source of income for me and it's great because every chunk of $$$ helps you to reach your goals and dreams. Having said that, I do think the positive outweight the negatives, but it will take some time to before things set in place. Since joining the military I am planning on going back to school and get an ASSOCIATES, since it will be free. In addition, I am thinking of becoming a cop or something in the future. I am thinking on some career paths since joining the military gives you a ton of options. Overall, I am pleased with my decision just need to graduate basic training and things will be fine. At this time of writing, I am on break for two weeks and to do everything I have to do in the meantime. My goal is still to become free and reach a evolve my being and transcend time and space. However, I am now taking practical steps to achieve my true dream - of becoming IMMORTAL and a living god. Like I said, I have to accomplish basic milestones before then. The other plan was just taking too long. And this is a more concrete path to ensure everything goes according to plan. The last few months my spirituality seems to gave pummelled, and probably necessarily so. I feel more grounded and stable as a person, but no weirdness or spiritual stuff has happen. Anyways, I will give you guys much more updates in a bit and may make a video on this topic shortly. These are just a quick update for you guys to know I am still around and sorry for the LONG DELAY. After my break the next time you hear from me may be on FEB ~
  7. Hi Gerardo, why your YouTube channel was terminated?

    I was using many of George's subliminals on your channel. Could you let us know what violations YouTube pointed out to you!

  8. Hey George, I can't help while reading Sex Transmutation your latest work to realize you did experience the infinite in physical form. Obviously, you seem to have experienced it one time or several times already presuming you created Kundalini Activator. To be honest I am still surprised it worked...Most of those type of things tend to be gimmicks. Which is why I am so glad yours ACTUALLY worked. Anyways, I am curious as to your experience of awakening and uniting yourself with the infinite(or truth). Was it something similar to my own experience(the one in the success story). Did you get a psychosis of some kind? Did you get visions revealing you secrets of life? Did you lose temporary control over your body? Did you go "crazy." Do you still use the Kundalini Activator yourself to open your chakras and Kundalini? Perhaps, you may not want to reveal your full experience. I am just curious as to your version of awakening and was it similar to my own? Please do share!
  9. jerrymp

    Light's LIfestyle Part II

    Thank you light for your wisdom done in a very witty and playful manner. I appreciate your hustle and God provides you with all the wealth you are looking for. You are very smart and I can see this by what you say You have a lot of wisdom over your head. Keep it up mate, I know You will succeed. Gerardo Out!
  10. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Dear Team, I've been doing very well. Sorry, for the long delay. Yesterday I made a video just for you titled " Why Do People Join Cults" and I do a very good job here if I say so myself. I want to continue the series of the cult material for you. You guys pay me good money for this, so I do plan on following up with you on this. I created a second channel to create more content as the main channel was becoming a heavy on content. For those of you who wish to learn the best wisdom available then please join me on this quest of taking over the WORLD! Go here for the video Oh and by the way thank you for all the hugs, kisses, cards, your support during my sickness meant the world to me. And for that I am eternally in your endeavors. Many blessings to all of you. And may God Provide you. PS: Recently, I tried a supplement called "Yohimbe," Yohimbe is a fantastic supplement. It worked on so many ways. The problem is I took 8 capsules when the standard dosage was 1 - 2. So, I am experiencing some side effects. The side effects are heart race increased. I was a little afraid this was going to be the end of me. I knew it wasn't. But, I do get worried these things will harm my health. In fact, I think it's more beneficial than I previously expected, I just have to lower the dosage. The benefits were increased erection power, increased libido, and I seem like a much more happy guy while on it. This is only day one. Until Next Time, Dear Beloved, Gerardo Morillo PS: If I do get a heart attack within the next few days please tell the doctors it was YOHIMBRE that caused. I will be lowering the dosage to avoid any fatal casualties. Friends know this I do plan on being around FOR A VERY LONG TIME. SO save your farewells.
  11. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Dear Team, Sorry I've been sick lately. Even us Gurus get sick and need a break from work. I do apologize team. This week has been rough for me. I also had a very obsession with a big project on mine. So, I was testing to see if I can get a boner. And long story short some of my experiments worked and I walked around town with a massive boner and girls were staring at it! Very happy about this because I don't remember the last time I had a real boner, definitely unlike this one. Now I can know create it anytime, so I might have more fun with this. I will be returning in action soon. I may take it a little easy for a bit and return once more when I am fully recovered. I do feel better... Until Next Time, Gerardo Morillo
  12. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Hey wassup Team, How are you guys doing today? Today is a nice warm day and feels a little dry. Today I want to share with you the new scoop. So by now you guys I've made a new channel and I just released my second video on the channel. The video is " Are Cults Evil" I break it down one by one in a very simple whether or not cults are evil. Learn more for yourself go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd0bAkfWJPsEKfnt2j2V4qw PS: Thank you guys that have been sticking with me despite all the minor difficulties throughout our journey. Let's keep it moving because sometimes tells me SUCCESS IS OURS and it is coming in STORMS. Let's keep working on our projects because I have a subtle feeling by my spirit that things are about to explode for many of us! Let's make this happen, baby Until Next Time, Gerardo Morillo Master Hypnotist
  13. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Hey wassup Team, Your main man Gerardo here. How have you guys been lately? So far, everything is nice and dandy for me. The weather has been beautiful lately. Today, I wanted to talk to about my latest channel. I am giving you guys raw truths here check out the channel here: second youtube channel . Our first topic on this channel is " What is a cult " I hope you guys can make it to watch. If not please feel free to watch whenever you are able to do. We cover lots of ground here. You can many more videos upcoming on my second channel. This channel is moreso for funzies then it is to make a profit. It is created to share wisdom, improve my skills, and of course make more money. If you'd like to continue to support and love me like you always have been then please come visit me at the second channel. Tooties. Second channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd0bAkfWJPsEKfnt2j2V4qw
  14. jerrymp

    Cult Leader - Coming Soon

  15. jerrymp

    Question on Tarot, Crystal , Etc?

    Thank you, everyone, who responded to this thread. I found it very helpful to me and many ideas has stemmed from all the contributions. It seems like they are awesome tools, but may not be necesarily needed. I do like the part where you mention,Light, if you are already psychologically strong you may not need them, per se. I still love to look into things and see how they work just to get a general feeling. And also, remove the feeling of " missing out on something." It's one of those things that I feel it's hard to gauge the effectiveness. And while I do get the basic theory it's still hard to comprehend it. With that said, I think one of the most powerful tools is probably self-hypnosis which is what most things really are. I will gather more info on this later Thanks for replying!