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  1. Seven Laws of Influence

  2. Lucid (Journal II)

    Here's a book with all the basics, and a few patterns. You can use the patterns verbatim in your speech class, and it has all of the commands and spatial anchors marked out. http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  3. We use a lot of metaphors in our language. In fact, it is pretty hard to NOT use metaphors. For example, in that sentence up there, the word "it" is a metaphor for a process or an idea, and it is metaphorically described as "hard." Hard can refer to a physical object, (like a hard wall or a hard boiled egg) but it can also mean difficult or complicated. One common metaphor is the metaphorical gradient between "fresh" and "stale." Physically, it can refer to food. When it's "fresh" it's just out of the oven. Still warm. The most delicious. But let it sit around, and it will get "stale." It won't taste as good. We like things that are "fresh," and we don't like things that are "stale." We also use these terms to describe experiences. When something is "new" and "fresh" it's exciting. We are still in the "discovery phase." And one of the BEST feelings of being a human is discovering something new. Something that keeps getting better. This is why the beginning of a sexual relationship is one of (or can be one of) the most magical thing a human can experience. The only thing that may be better is the beginning of a new PERSON. When relationships get "old" we refer to them as "stale." Plenty of us have been in those same, boring old relationships. You do the same things, go to the same places. That "new" and "exciting" feeling is gone. This is when people start to stray. The human brain doesn't do well when life is boring. We CRAVE new experiences. It's very hard to live life when you're doing the SAME THINGS day after day. However, and paradoxically, we can also be simultaneously TERRIFIED of something anything "new." Because doing something new implies risk, which implies potential failure, which implies negative feelings. So at the same time, we are CRAVING a new experience, but TERRIFIED of making it happen at the same time. This is one of the reasons why the HERO'S JOURNEY (the story that has been repeated a kajillion times since we were cavemen) is so compelling. The "hero" is FORCED to do something new. Something that propels him on a NEW adventure. That is our human DREAM COME TRUE. To be FORCED into a situation that lets us achieve our greatest potential. But here's the thing. If you are waiting for stormtroopers to come and kill your family before you go on your great adventure, you might be waiting a while. In real life, the hero's journey begins with YOU. When you DECIDE to make the journey. When you accept the potential for failure, and go forward anyway. That is when your journey begins. Get Started: Click Here To Learn How
  4. Lucid (Journal II)

    If you can fit it in, I'd definitely recommend trying some nested loops in your speech class. Combine those with spatial anchoring and embedded commands, and people will think you are a GOD.
  5. Fortune favors the brave. This is one of those truisms that everybody "knows," but not really. We all "know" it in the sense that we've heard it a billion times, so it's familiar. Intellectually familiar. But for many people, that's where it stops. There are plenty of stories and metaphors to describe this. The problem of many of those stories or metaphors is they are not relatable to the common person. Like Cortez burning his ships when he arrived in Central America. That way, his soldiers HAD to succeed, or else they'd die. Or the famous line from Apollo 13, "Failure, is not an option." I don't know about you, but I don't manage moon missions very often. Nor do I command a bunch of ships into unexplored territory. So when we hear those stories, we all nod our heads and say, "Oh, yeah, totally! Go big or go home!" But how often do we actually DO something like that? To actually make a move that proves that "failure is not an option," or that we really HAVE decided to "go big or go home?" We get opportunities every single day. But if we're too scared to take them, we don't even notice them. It's very common for guys and girls who are shy, but otherwise attractive (decent looks, decent clothes, decent personality) to NOT NOTICE the signals that women and men are giving them. Seeing the signals would require at least thinking about responding. Which would require either taking action (scary) or not (blow to the ego). So our cognitive dissonance doesn't even let us SEE those signals. But they're there. Like in the Talking Heads' song, "Dreams walking in broad daylight." Luckily, you don't have to burn any ships, or wait around until Tom Hanks and his buddies are stuck on a broken moon mission. Every single day you can take SMALL steps to push our your comfort zone. JUST SLIGHTLY. If you started doing pushups, nobody would doubt that within a year you'd be able to do a couple hundred (or a lot more) without stopping. Consider expanding your social comfort zone the same way. Tiny little baby steps, every single day. Inch by inch, as they say, life's a cinch. Click Here To Learn How
  6. The idea of going back in time is pretty cool. Especially those movies where an adult switches bodies with a kid in high school. Imagine being able to go back to high school knowing what you know now! One of my favorite time travel movies is called "Primer," which is a low budget indy film. One of the reasons I like it is was realistic (as much as time travel movies can be). That the FIRST thing the characters did when they realized they could go back through time was to figure out how to game the stock market. One of the reasons we like the idea is few of us look back on any part of our history and think, "Yep, I handled that absolutely PERFECTLY!" I'm sure you, like most people, have incidents in your past that you'd rather not think about. I know I do! Another sci-fi type idea that's pretty popular is mind reading. Being able to read other people's thoughts. Playing poker, negotiating, knowing which girls to talk to, etc. The truth is that this is more likely than most people realize. Most people have the same desires and the same fears. Most people don't like going to work, they aren't best buddies with their boss, they worry about their bills and they are terrified of rejection. Most would like to be more confident socially, but are afraid to try. Which means you, as an advanced social operator, already have a head start. You can be the one to not reject them. You can be the one to let them know that meeting new people can be easy and enjoyable. Just imagine your worst fears, with regards to social situations, and then talk to THEM to make sure THEIR worst fears don't come true. That way YOU can be the person to make everything happen. Click Here To Learn How
  7. Beware Your Comfort Zone

    In many disciplines, they have the idea of an "S curve." It represents any kind of growth. It starts out moving left to right, slowly increasing. Then something significant happens, and the growth increases a lot, going up, rather than across. Then it reaches a saturation level, and levels off, but still goes up a bit. Overall it, looks like an "S." That bottom curve is the best part. The bottom part before the curve is the HARDEST part. Where you're working and working and only SLIGHTLY getting better. So when you start to see REAL results, it feels pretty good. Most successful businesses go through SEVERAL "S-curves." Every time they level off at the top, (after the growth spurt) they scramble to find something else, and start growing again. For humans, we don't really feel alive unless we are constantly improving. That's why people who win the lotto or otherwise get a sudden ton of money tend to crash and burn. At first it feels pretty good. But then all the problems start. And most importantly, they aren't feeling that NECESSARY feeling of forward momentum, based on their own efforts. Few things in life feel better than putting in daily effort toward something that YOU feel is important, and noticing consistent results. Developing relationships with others isn't any different. We LIKE to have forward progress. One of the many reasons people break up is if they feel "stagnant." Just going through the motions. One of the reasons for this is that people start to feel comfortable with one another. Safe. But safety can sometimes be a trap. The worst trap. That one that doesn't reveal how insidious it is until you've spent years "safe" while life has been passing you by. Now, this doesn't mean you need to go swimming with sharks every day or get a pet rattlesnake and let it roam around your apartment. But it IS a good idea to do SOMETHING on a regular basis that is a LITTLE BIT outside your comfort zone. One way to do that is to always be open to meeting new people. Make it a habit to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Not because they're "hot" or you think you'll co-discover the next atomic element together, but just because. Because talking to new people is exciting. Interesting. And you NEVER know what growth opportunities will present themselves. Get Started: Click Here To Learn More
  8. Everything you wanted to know about subliminal messages: https://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal-messages/
  9. Raw Mental Material

    I used to have this friend. We'd get into these long rambling conversations. And invariably, about an hour after we'd been talking, he'd want to know how we got there. Meaning he wanted to back through our conversation and trace every topic and how each topic morphed into the next. Try that sometimes, after a ten or fifteen minutes. It's pretty mind boggling. Life is just like that. Many of us dream of a step by step sequence where we KNOW what the outcome is going to be. Unfortunately, it RARELY works out like that. Ask any ultra successful person, and they'll say that one of the key components is go just keep following whatever is working. If you try to force "the market" into your way of thinking, you'll have a hard time. This is why market research is crucial. Imagine somebody who loves Mexican food, so they open a Mexican restaurant. But if they'd done their market research, they would have found that there are already three Mexican restaurants in town, and they are struggling. Now, most people aren't ready to open up a business. But keeping any open mind for any new ideas is crucially important, for any endeavor, even if you just want to enjoy life. Many successful businesses were started primarily because of the relationships of the people that started it. Nobody really has an idea for a business, and then goes out to find people to help. It's usually the other way around. Everybody's got a set of skills and a bunch of half-baked ideas. It's when certain people get together, and mix all those skills and half-baked ideas together is when life changing events happen. You can think of this as being a "Social Entrepreneur." Meaning you go out to meet people simply because meeting people is fun. It can also lead to lifelong friendships and relationships. And it can also lead to billion dollar business ideas. It all starts with your ability to mingle with others, and make magic happen. Click Here To Learn More
  10. I love watching movies. All kinds, but in particular I'm a big fan of the "found footage" genre. Many people think they suck, but for some reason I find them entertaining. A normal group of people doing normal things and then a bunch of ghosts or aliens or something shows up and kills everybody. There are some really good ones, and some not so good ones. It's easy to understand why they are pretty popular, at least with movie makers. They're cheap to make (you don't need a lot of equipment or expensive actors) and the potential is huge, due to viral marketing. One of the originals, "The Blair Witch Project" from back in the 90's was purely viral marketing. They spent less than a million to make it, and ended up making tons. What worked even better, from a marketing standpoint was "Paranormal Activity." It cost less than a million to make, and grossed over 250 million worldwide. Mostly by word of mouth, or "viral marketing." If you can leverage viral marketing, you can MASSIVE return for very little cost. Even in your own life. If you have a good reputation in your social circle, you're "pre-vetted" for a lot of things. Relationships, jobs, or if you're throwing a party. Word gets around and everybody wants to help you. This isn't as difficult as it seems, even if you don't have very much of a social circle. All you need to do is get out there, and interact with others in the right way. Get interested in them, instead of talking about yourself. Pretty soon you can be the guy or girl that everybody wants to be around. All through word of mouth. Any time you need anything, you can tap your social circle, and they'll have your back. Click Here to Learn More
  11. The other day I saw a friend of mine. He told me that because it was so cold over the previous weekend, he never left his house. He's married with a couple of kids, so staying in all weeekend wouldn't be so bad. I don't know about you, but I need to get out at least a couple of times a day. Otherwise I'll feel like a hermit. Sure, being sick with the flu is one thing, when all you want to do is sleep. But I always feel like I'm missing out if I stay indoors for too long. The biggest reason, of course, is other people. Humans are social creatures and we are our best when we're working or playing with others. Especially cool is when you get out just to interact with strangers. Sure, some people are a bit goofy, but most are pretty cool. Especially if you get them talking about cool stuff. Stuff they like. Stuff they're planning. They say that in any economy of any type, the most valuable resource is "human capital." The skills and abilities that people have. Most people though, feel a bit of resistance when it comes to talking to strangers. A bit of anxiety. This is normal, since we've all been taught, in one way or another, that strangers are dangerous or something. But there's no rule saying that after you talk to somebody for a couple minutes that you need to keep talking to them. If they're weird or off, simply move on to somebody else. At the end of the day, the best resources we have is our relationships. The more you can build, the more you'll see in how many ways knowing different people can make life much more enjoyable. Especially when you share your unique gifts, so they feel lucky to know YOU. Click Here To Learn How
  12. Whenever you start off on any kind of project, especially if it's a long project, momentum is important. Take somebody who starts to exercise, after having been a couch potato for many years. The first couple weeks pretty much suck. It's hard to start, and it's hard to keep going. Whether you're riding on a stationary bike, going for a walk or jog outside, or doing some calisthenics, part of your brain is screaming bloody murder. After all, it's pretty insane, on one level, to do something that is painful, without a clear goal in sight. Sure, if you are hiking up a steep mountain, you can see the top is getting closer and closer, so you push yourself to keep going. But if you're just running laps around your neighborhood, part of your brain is wondering what in the world is going on. But if you keep at it, you'll eventually get to a tipping point. Where the immediate benefits outweigh the costs. However, a lot of people give up before that point. We tend to have a hard time seeing benefits unless their right in front of us. Unfortunately, even if you've been diligently exercising for a while, if you stop for a certain length of time, getting started is difficult. A lot of things are like that. They take a lot of effort to get going, and you need to put in a lot of effort to keep going. But some things aren't. Some things may take a while to "set up" or to get the benefit, but once you get it, you've got it. You don't need to do any more work. Sure, you may be a little "rusty," but once you've got it down, you can pick it up again. Like playing a musical instrument, for example. Once you put in the time and effort to learn it, it won't take very long to pick it up again if you haven't played in a while. Another thing that is like this is social skills. Or at least they can be. Unfortunately, many people see social skills as something that requires a lot of momentum. Because most of us have social anxiety of some kind, we think we need to keep "pushing past" our fears and anxieties. And like exercise, if we stop for any length of time, it can take a lot of effort to get started again. Luckily there's another way. It involves changing the way you see things, and verifying that these new paradigms are much more effective than the old ones. And once you set those up, you'll have it for life. Fearless social confidence and interpersonal skills that will take you a long, long way. Click Here To Learn How
  13. Basic information how to hypnotize people for fun and profit and sex and magic and ..... http://mindpersuasion.com/how-to-hypnotize-people/
  14. There are a lot of metaphors for our comfort zone. The elephant that was tied up as a kid, but when he was untied as an adult, he still thought he could only go in the same circle. The fish that would only grow as big as his tank. Most of these are describing our comfort level. The things we are comfortable doing. In doing so they miss a very crucial and extremely limiting factor of our comfort zone. It not only keeps us doing things that are safe, but it constricts our creative imagine to the safe things. Sure, we have plenty of "wishes" where we get stuff without having to do the work. Like winning the lottery, or having some supermodel take us home for some fun. But we usually acknowledge that these are wishes, at least on some level. But when we are creatively trying to come up with solutions, we tend to ONLY think in terms of what we're comfortable doing. This happens subconsciously. Imagine you were really strong and flexible. You spent a lot of time on strength training as well as speed and flexibility. Suppose you were standing on the corner, next to a baby in a baby carriage. The mom (or the babysitter) was busy staring at her phone. Then some object came flying at the baby carriage. Because your subconscious understanding of your strength and flexibility, you'd naturally swat whatever it was out of the way. It would happen before you even knew you were doing it. Now consider the same situation if you had weak arms, a bad back and intense shoulder pain. Your mind-body system might not even consider swatting it away. Instead, you might yell instead. Or lunge to push the baby out of the way. The bottom line is whenever our subconscious is looking out into the world and sorting for solutions to our problems or answers to our desires, it's only going sort based on what we're comfortable doing. And if your comfort zone is socially limited in any way, you WON'T SEE all of the opportunities around you. For example, your subconscious will figure that "talking to strangers" is out of the question, so you won't even notice all the opportunities that involve talking to strangers. But when you slowly expand your social comfort zone, you'll start to see MANY MORE opportunities. And when you're daydreaming and thinking of creative solutions, your mind will have a LOT more flexibility. Click Here To Learn More