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  1. There's a famous story of Hachi, a dog in Japan. He would follow his owner to the station every day. Hachi's master was a professor. Hachi would wait for him at the station around the time he got off work. But one day Hachi's master died at school. But Hachi kept waiting. (If this sounds familiar, they made a movie about this with Richard Gere). Now, exactly WHY Hachi (a dog) kept waiting is anybody's guess. Since we humans like to imagine animals with human emotions, it's a good story about loyalty, obedience, friendship, etc. It's also pretty widely known that when people lose limbs, they can develop "phantom limb syndrome." If they have their leg amputated, for example, they wake up nights with leg pain in their leg they don't have any more. Doctors recognize this as real pain, not imaginary. It seems both our brains, and a lot of animals (like Hachi) expect certain things to be there. And when they are gone (masters, legs, etc) we don't know how to cope. So our subconscious pretends they are there. This is normal. Plenty of experiments show, again and again, that humans are hierarchical. We NEED to line up according to SOME KIND of "pecking order." Even if there ISN'T a "real" leader, we NEED one. So we'll take whatever we can get. But it's really not so different from Hachi waiting for his dead master or somebody waking up with phantom limb pain. If there isn't a REAL leader, we'll IMAGINE one. This presents a good opportunity, both for good AND for evil. If you are evil, and you recognize people are desperate for a leader, you can easily hijack their minds and lead them to terrible places. Sadly, this happens quite often. On the other hand, if your intentions are GOOD, you can do the same. Lead people to wonderful places. Physical places, mental places, places of opportunity and discovery. Even inner exploration. If you lead, they will follow. Learn How: Cult Leader
  2. I used to work with this guy that was from Cambodia. He was a living example of the saying that, "If you took all the money in the world and spread it out evenly, it would be back in the same hands within a generation." What does this mean? It means that those to have a lot of money, generally got it because they have skills that most of us normal humans don't have. Of course, more than a few people with these "money skills" are sociopaths who ONLY care about getting more money. But most of the folks who have a ton of money, worked for it. Just imagine for a second if the ONLY way to get a ton of cash was to be "evil." That means for us normal humans, we would HAVE TO choose between "evil" and "broke." Luckily, that's not the case. The question, however, is WHAT skills do those "money people" have? My Cambodian friend is a shining example. He came from a rich family. But when the communists took over, they had to flee. And they lost everything. He was even stuck in a "re-education" camp for a few months. Nearly starved to death. But when he eventually got to the states, he got busy building his fortune. Or RE-BUILDING. He was smart, so he studied everything he could. Worked in hospitals, build his own computers, and finally got an advanced degree in electronic engineering. But his degree and his technical skills are NOT what got him rich. He has a very rare skill, a skill most humans DO NOT possess. He would be in meetings with other engineers, smart dudes, and managers. They'd have a problem and nobody would know what to do. They were all worried, but this guy was frustrated. Frustrated that with all the brainpower sitting around the table, nobody was confident enough to make a decision. So HE started making the decisions. And THEY started following them. Some of them were right, some of them were wrong. But by CHOOSING what to do, and choosing STRONGLY, he made himself INVALUABLE to any company he worked for. And THAT is the skill that will get you paid. (And a lot else!) With that skill, and that skill alone, you can hire the smartest people in the world, and build an EMPIRE. Because most people are DESPERATE for a real leader. Even the smartest guys on the planet. When you LEAD, they will follow. Learn How: Cult Leader
  3. A while ago I took an improv class. I thought it was going to be about how to tell jokes. But it was about something much deeper. See, when actors are up on stage (or in front of the camera), they've got to do two things which seem to be opposite. On the one hand, they have to repeat lines written by professional writers. But at the same time, they have to seem VERY "in the moment." This is not as easy as it seems. Just watch some of the bottom-of-the-barrel movies on any streaming service to see what I mean. When somebody can deliver the right lines but WITHOUT any emotional congruence, it's correctly labeled, "wooden." What did we learn in the improv class? How to interact with each other non-verbally. Words are really only about 5-10% of our communication. The rest is non-verbal. And two actors who have TONS of congruent energy between them are going to be much more believable that two actors just spitting out lines. This is true EVERYWHERE. Knowing what to say is just the tip of the ice berg. Not even the most important part. Much more important is the ENERGY beneath the words. The sum total of all of your unconscious behavior, which is an OUTER representation of your INNER state. And your INNER state is comprised of your beliefs, understandings, and how you see yourself compared to the rest of the world. Most importantly, whether you see yourself as a CAUSE or an EFFECT. Whether you radiate LEADER energy, or FOLLOWER energy. Because this energy that you are ALWAYS projecting is MUCH more important than your words. If you are walking across a room to start a conversation with somebody, they've ALREADY read your energy. When you first enter the room for a job interview, they've ALREADY read your energy. Most people don't notice this other than getting either a "positive" feeling about you or a "negative" feeling. When you radiate the energy that creates those positive feelings in others, what you say is a LOT LESS important. What IS that energy? Continue it on a spectrum. On one side is TOTAL LEADERSHIP. People LOVE this kind of energy. On the other side is TOTAL DEPENDENCE. Most people very much dislike this energy. (Unless it's coming from a very young biological child). The more LEADERSHIP energy you can project, the more people will naturally gravitate toward you, and want to be around you. Learn How: Cult Leader
  4. Most people understand the need to learn skills. That's kind of (allegedly) the whole point of education. Learn stuff that can help you get a job. Problem is, a lot of stuff they teach is pretty useless. And some of the most essential skills are nowhere to be found in any textbook. A lot of businesses were built by guys who ditched school type thinking altogether. And a lot of them didn't really have any concrete ideas. They only had what Napoleon Hill called a "burning desire." But just having a burning desire isn't enough. Most of the great leaders in history not only had a burning desire, but they also had a kind of magnetism. Their burning desire affected others. Even when those others didn't really know WHAT specifically they were creating. They only had a feeling that this is something magnificent. Of course, that same energy, the combination of a burning desire and the irresistible magnetism that automatically collects people to your cause, CAN be dangerous. VERY dangerous. It's like having a fire that is uncontained. Fire is very powerful if you know how to USE it. But if you just start a fire without really knowing how or why, it can easily get WAY out of control. But a controlled and contained fire can produce a LOT of heat. And you can USE that heat to do a lot of stuff. This is how all of our electricity is created. Water is heated, and the steam turns turbines, which create electricity. All from the basic principle of fire. If you can create your own burning desire, and ignite it so it inspires the burning desire of others, then you've got something. With just a few people, and all of your fires aligned, you can do great things. Learn How: Cult Leader
  5. Long Game Social Circle

    Whenever you have two competing ideas, or people, the one with the longest range plan is usually going to win. For example, it's commonly understood that corporations have more or less taken over most governments. How did they do this? Governments can only focus so far ahead. Since government officials are elected, they can only do so much. Any idea they come up with has to work in a very short time period. Otherwise somebody else might get credit. And the flip side is that if they do something that looks good in the short term, but disastrous in the long term, they can always blame somebody else. Corporations, on the other hand, don't need to worry about such short term issues. They can think in longer terms. Five, ten years, even longer. No matter what the competition is centered around, if you can OUTLAST your opponent, you will win. In the middle ages, this meant surrounding your enemy's castle and just waiting until all their food ran out. Sometimes it took months. But as an old Chinese proverb goes, "If you wait by the riverside long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies floating by." Here's a GOOD way to use these "long game" strategies. If you talk to other people in way that highlights their wants and needs, WITHOUT commenting on them (even to tell them how awesome you think their plans are), something pretty cool will happen. Those people will experience something they experience around no other human. Since few people can talk to others long enough to make sure the OTHER person is feeling really good. If ALL you did, was talk to people until they were feeling really good, they would ALWAYS be glad to see you. If you made it a point to talk to others like this only SOME of the time, pretty soon EVERYBODY would start seeing you differently. They would light up when you walked into a room. Because YOU are the guy or gal that makes OTHERS feel so awesome. Do this enough, and even people who don't know you will want to. Because they'll see how OHTER people respond to you. Even if you walk through a crowded club to find your friends, this will work. Once your friends see you, they will all suddenly shift their unconscious behavior. And everybody else in the club will see that shift. And everybody else will wonder WHAT it is about you that people like so much. This takes time, it IS a long game after all. But if applied consistently, it will add up to some VERY happy results. Namely, strangers coming up to you and doing everything to get into your social circle. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  6. How do you motivate people? When we think of the term, "motivational speaker" we imagine somebody like Tony Robbins. Somebody who is larger that life (literally, lol) and speaking with massive enthusiasm and charisma. Maybe they've got a couple of giant screens up on stage, so the people in the cheap seats can see. The image is much like a rock concert. So when we think of motivating people as individuals, it seems kind of intimidating. Like we have to stand up, use a lot of charismatic gestures, speak from the heart, AND have a lot of decent material. After all, when you go see a Tony Robbins "concert" you kind of just sit there. Similarly, when we think of motivating people on a one-to-one level, we imagine THEY are going to do the listening, and WE are going to do the talking. It IS possible, make no mistake. But it's VERY difficult. It takes a LOT of energy and enthusiasm. Luckily, there is a MUCH easier way. And that much easier way is also much more effective. The only drawback is it can ONLY be done in a one-on-one setting. So if you DO want to become a motivational speaker (from the stage), you'll need to keep working on your stage game. But one-on-one, it's INSANELY easy. Not only that, but this one-on-one technique will affect YOUR listener much more than if they went to a Tony Robbins concert. Why? Because speaking from the stage REQUIRES you use a lot of vague stories and statements. So they can impact EVERYBODY. So they get EVERYBODY worked up to the same level. Only problem that same level is also pretty vague. But in a one on one setting, you can get them EXTREMELY motivated to do VERY SPECIFIC things. And the more specific their motivation, the LONGER they'll stay their mind. How do you do it? When speaking from the stage, you have to hit as many of their buttons as you can. But more importantly, it's an "outside-in" structure. The ideas are coming FROM the stage and going INTO their brains. But in a one-on-one setting, it's the OPPOSITE. You find the deep desires that are already INSIDE their brain, and pull them out. And because all of the information is coming from THEM, you don't really need to have ANY stories or content. You just gotta be able to ask the right questions in the right order. Another cool thing is that you'll be getting them talking about, and excited about, things they have maybe NEVER talked about before. So not only can you get them more motivated than EVER, but they'll remember YOU as being one of the most amazing people they've ever met. WAY more powerful than any super-guru up on a stage. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  7. The idea of a mouse going through a maze looking for cheese is a pretty useful metaphor. It's also in a bunch of science fiction movies about brains and intelligence. The quicker the mouse goes through the maze, the smarter it is. Mice and cheese, aside from the maze, are also useful metaphors. The mouse is the actor, and will do anything to get the cheese, that which the actor desires. Another ubiquitous metaphor is the carrot and the stick. But this is slightly different. Mouse and cheese metaphors usually involve the mouse actually getting the cheese. But the carrot and the stick implies that the horse or donkey will NEVER get the carrot. That's the whole point. The animal is so "dumb" that it will keep going after that carrot even though it never gets closer. Both, however, are metaphors used to describe a very common theme. And that is motivating people to do things. And they are things they don't do on their own. Otherwise they'd be doing them. You might say this is one of the oldest problems facing humans. Getting other humans to do things that they aren't doing. The better you can do this, the more stuff you'll get. Imagine a spectrum of persuasive ability. On one end, nobody listens to you, let alone takes your advice. That would clearly suck. On the other end, you have magic power to get people to willingly do whatever you want. No begrudgingly, but gleefully. Happily. As if you didn't convince them to do it, you covertly persuaded them to WANT to do it. And not for your reasons, but for THEIR reasons. Think about getting a massage from somebody. It's one thing to pay somebody to give you a massage. But it's a completely different feeling when somebody WANTS to give you a massage. They ENJOY giving you pleasure. Same physical experiences, but just IMAGINING different intentions in the actors, the feeling is completely different. How, exactly, do you get people to do that? Everybody has their own internal "carrots." And when you get them talking about them, and expand them and pull them out, they will NATURALLY move toward them. And unlike the poor horse who NEVER gets the carrot, they will get theirs. Because you can associate THEIR carrot (which is their deepest desires) to whatever you want. (Like YOU, for example). And then just sit back and watch them go after it. And get it. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  8. Supposedly, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. What does this mean exactly? It's one of those sayings that sounds pretty true, and is vague enough to use in many different situations. It's also easy to visualize. A horse standing before some water, and not drinking. It's also easy to imagine trying to push the horse's head down toward the water, but the horse resisting. Because a horse's neck is probably a lot stronger than your arm (or both of them) you probably wouldn't even bother the horse, let alone get him to even think about drinking. When do we use this "truism?" Whenever we get kind of "halfway" to convincing somebody of something. We get the idea in front of them, but they won't bite. Luckily, people aren't horses. You can actually talk to people. And when you "lead people" to certain ideas, you don't do it the same way you "lead" a horse. In fact, YOU aren't doing the leading at all. When you lead a horse, the horse is physically following you. You know it, the horse knows it. But when "you" lead people, it's not really YOU that's doing it. It's their own ideas. And by carefully lining up their own ideas (which come out of their own heads) you can "lead" people to do pretty much anything you want. Consider another way to "lead" a horse as a metaphor. Instead of just pulling on the rope, so the horse just mindlessly follows, imagine putting horse-snacks on the ground in front of him. And these horse-snacks were both delicious and salty. And by placing them strategically, you really COULD not only to lead him to water, but also make him drink. Because he would be thirsty. AND drinking the water would be natural, since he was eating all those salty horse-snacks. The same thing goes with people. Only with people, you can get some pretty fantastic ideas out of their minds, and lead them to some pretty fantastic conclusions. And it will ALWAYS be their idea. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  9. How To Mix Their Ideas

    Combinations can be pretty cool. When I was in High School I worked at a pizza place. People would get some pretty interesting combinations. Some things go pretty well together. Pineapple and ham. Mushroom and onion. Pepperoni and sausage. Other things aren't such a good idea. In chemistry lab our teacher had us work with two different chemicals. He said that under no circumstances should we mix them together. Me, being always curious, took that as a cue to mix them just to see what would happen. And what happened was I got kicked out of class by a very angry chemistry teacher. There are a couple of ideas that everybody has heard. Which means when we hear them we tend to just nod our heads without much thought. But when you fully understand these two concepts, AND combine them, they have an extraordinary amount of persuasive power. The first is, "That which we resist, persists." The more you try to keep something from happening, the more likely it's going to happen. The more you fight against something, the stronger it gets. The second universally known "truism" is "You can get anybody to do anything so long as you convince them it's their idea." This makes sense, of course, because everybody always does things for their own reason. The foundation of covert hypnosis is speaking in purposely vague language so that the other person has to fill in the blanks with their own content. So it will always FEEL like their idea. But what if you don't want to spend a lot of time learning all the language patterns of covert hypnosis? Luckily, there is a VERY EASY way to get them thinking in terms of THEIR idea. But you have to observe the first rule with IRON CLAD secrecy. Surprisingly, the hardest part is letting THEM take all the credit for the awesome idea you just carefully let them decide. See, there's a small part of us that is DYING to be "included" in every conversation. A tiny little, "me too!" voice that wants to participate. That part of us that wants to tell the other person what an AWESOME idea they have. Since it's really YOUR idea, that you carefully led them to, part of you is going to WANT to remind them of that. That is the part they will resist. It's almost like letting somebody win, when they HAVE to believe they really won. If you can keep that secret, you can get anybody to do anything. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  10. What is "game?" Does somebody who is a stone cold "natural" use game? Think of somebody who is a natural with music. Maybe they play the piano really well, but they play totally by ear. They can listen to any piece and the reproduce it perfectly. But since they don't know ANYTHING about music theory, scales, notes, chord progressions, are they a musician? Compare that to somebody who studied both how to play and the deep theories of music. The natural plays, but he doesn't really know what he's doing. So if he had any problems, he wouldn't know what to do. Similarly, people who are naturals with women tend to do pretty well without knowing what they are doing. Which means if they want to create attraction in a specific girl, and it doesn't work, they have NO IDEA what to do. In fact, this is the theme of almost any movie about a natural player. He seduces every woman he meets, but they mean nothing. The only one that matters is the one he CAN'T seduce. And in order to get HER, he has to "change his ways" and become the typical Hollywood beta. Since most people are beta (simply by pure mathematical definition) Hollywood has to appeal to the broadest market possible. But what about in real life? Is it better to be a natural, or somebody who KNOWS how to create deep feelings of attraction and desire in almost any women they meet? If you're NOT a natural, then the choice is already made. The good news is that by learning about the DEEP STRUCTURE of communication, and how it REALLY WORKS, you can GET TO natural levels of seduction. And if you ever run into trouble (e.g. a particular girl needs more work) you can RE-CALIBRATE your communication. Since you KNOW how it works. If you DON'T know, it's pretty easy to learn the powerful structure. Once you do, everything will seem a lot easier. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  11. Make Her Come To You

    There's one simple mind frame that will make a TON of difference when it comes to getting girls interested in you. When most guys "chase" girls, the girl KNOWS they are being chased. When a guy walks up to a girl in a bar, unless she's just woken up from a thousand year hibernation, she KNOWS what he wants. Especially when he does more or less the same thing every other horny guy does. Try any kind of PUA technology, buy her drinks, try to make small talk, etc. Which means that even if she's INTO you, she'll also ENJOY being chased by you. Most girls LOVE the idea of BEING CHASED by a guy they LIKE to be chased by. Some of them even like being chased by guys they aren't really into. After all, that gives them a pretty good self-esteem boost. The simple mind frame is to make HER into you AND at the same time, WONDERING if you're into her. This means you have to simultaneously talk to her in a way that will increase attraction without her even suspecting you are trying to increase attraction. This is pretty tricky. Especially if you're hoping that one or two "lines" will get her interested in you. But if you can speak to her in a certain way, a way that makes her slightly confused, and at the same time, slightly attracted, she won't be sure what's going on. You'll be telling her simple stories. And more simple stories inside those simple stories. Stories that are designed to create attraction on a DEEP level. On the surface, it will seem like you are talking about ANYTHING BUT attraction. But when you're finished, she won't be able to get her mind off you. And she WON'T know why. She'll THINK it was HER idea. So long as you play it cool, and let her chase you, she'll do all the work. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  12. One of the easiest ways to sneak any idea into anybody's mind is put it in hypothetical language. There are many ways to do this. One is by using the second conditional. This uses the past tense and "would" or "could." Whenever we hear the second conditional, we subconsciously understand it's just a hypothetical question. For example, just taking a standard compliment (you're beautiful) and putting it into the second conditional makes it MUCH HARDER to process. Try this out for yourself to see what I mean. Walk up to an attractive woman, and give her a blatant compliment. "You are beautiful." See what she ways. She might blush, she might say thank you, she might call the cops. Maybe you could try it on five to ten women to get an average. Then put it in the second conditional. "If I told you that you were beautiful, what would you say?" This is ALMOST a compliment, but not quite. If you tried this on five different women, you'd get a much better response than if you just said it flat out. Just this simple linguistic "trick" is enough to get her mind spinning. Imagine what you could do when you use ALL of your communication like this. Because the second conditional is just one of MANY techniques to get her feeling emotions, but not quite sure why. One simple statement won't do much. And she'll have a good idea that it's a "line" since it really IS a line. But when you speak to her for several minutes like that, using all kinds of different techniques, it will add up to something amazing. She'll be feeling emotions that add up to attraction, but she won't be quite sure why. AND she'll be looking at you the whole time. And since our brains HAVE to have a reason for everything, she'll come up with HER OWN REASONS why she's looking at YOU and feeling attraction. And once that happens, she'll NEVER get you out of her mind. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  13. Here's a sneaky strategy you can use to get a girl interested in you. One of the "patterns" of the "Milton Model" is the "I'm not going to tell you..." pattern. The idea is when somebody hears, "I'm not going to tell you," their brain kind of shuts off. Not pass-out shut off, but their "critical factor" lowers its shields. For example, if you were a salesman, and you wanted somebody to buy your product, you could just come out and say "buy this product." Maybe you might want to give a couple a reasons. "I think you should buy this product because it is popular and it comes with the best warranty around." Right off the bat they would resist, because nobody likes being told what to do. But when you use the, "I'm not going to tell you" pattern, it sounds like this: "I'm not going to tell you to buy this product, because I don't know if it's popularity or industry-best warranty are things you are really interested in." Then it seems much more like their choice. How do you use this with girls? You flat out tell them you aren't going to pick them up, or ask for their phone number, or any of that stuff. Use any excuse you want to talk to them. Then just start telling them hypnotic seduction stories. They sound NOTHING like any kind of "pick up." Yet they are designed to significantly increase her attraction. Which means she'll never think YOU are the one picking her up. She'll just start to feel attraction, desire and a feeling that says she NEEDS to get to know you. And she'll think it was HER idea. You can even resist, if you want. Making her work for it. Which will also make her want it more. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  14. What's the easiest way to get a girl to like you? This technique will work every time. But it only works if it's the FIRST thing she sees you do. The reason it works so well is few guys can pull it off. It's not complicated, but for many guys it is nearly impossible. Most guys are too busy coming up with clever lines and techniques. Or spending hours a day online trying to interpret and decipher her signals. Or maybe hours a day in the gym hoping a chiseled body will get them "noticed." So, what's the "trick?" The method that will virtually GURANTEE most girls will be attracted to you? Walk up and start talking to them. Right off the bat. But not with an attitude of "I hope you like me." An attitude of, "Hey, you're pretty cute, what's your personality like?" If you are confident enough to walk over (most guys aren't) and you're relaxed enough to have a NORMAL conversation (most guys aren't), she'll make a LOT of assumptions about you. Since you're confident and you're not treating her like a queen BEFORE you even talk to her, she's going to ASSUME you've got a lot of girls waiting for you. Either literally or metaphorically. In her experience with guys, ONLY the guys who have a lot of experience talk to girls like they are no big deal. But since you'll be talking to her in a relaxed, confident way, she'll assume something else about you. You aren't too interested in having sex. At least not until you get to know her. This will make her CRAZY for you. Just this simple attitude, and only a few minutes will do everything. Authority, social proof, all taken care of. Most guys NEVER get to this level. They believe you need to approach a ton of girls before you get to his level of confidence. But in reality, there is a shortcut. All it takes is your daily NORMAL experience, and your creative imagination. Learn How: Zero Fear Game