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  1. admin

    Tongue Fu

    Yes, this one is Kindle only.
  2. admin

    How To Talk To Girls

    Consider this idea: If you close anybody, you still benefit. Having a memory of 100's of closes (good and bad) will make closing easier. Having a memory of even 100's of failed closes will signficiantly give you a much more attractive "energy" as you won't be very nervous or worried. Think of closing like doing pushups. They are no fun, and you're glad when you're done. But if you make it a habit, you'll get in pretty good shape. If you see talking to and closing girls like exercise for your "attraction energy" it's not that much different than doing pushups. Pretty soon even getting rejected over and over will be fun, just like jogging is enjoyable after the first few minutes. Talking to girls = exercising your confidence Doing pushups = exercising your body results are irrelevant
  3. admin

    How To Talk To Girls

    There are examples in the post about how to set anchors. The things you say to her are based on what she says to you. It's much better to actually go out, talk to girls, remember what they said, and then practice using THAT. Using your own experiences are a million times better than reading hypothetical examples. Your communication skills are highly dependent on your willingness to practice them while communicating with others.
  4. admin

    RAINING MEN ..... HELP!!

    Read the statements carefully and decide EXACTLY how you want them to be interpreted. Then create a specific visualization based on that outcome. Focus on that outcome as strongly as you can, holding the specific visualization in mind. Our brains are filled with all kinds of stray sexual messages and ideas, and if you listen without thinking it might cause trouble. Meaning your flooding your mind withe statements, and without a specific intention, your subconscious is using whatever imagery it can find that it can relate to the statements. Please use these carefully!
  5. admin

    Tongue Fu

  6. admin


    They are additive. So it's important to create one visualization or intention that both collections of statements will resonate with.
  7. admin

    New Book

  8. admin

    Anti-piracy Affirmations

    I've heard about people using those kinds of things before. Not sure how effective they'd be. Subliminals (and hypnosis) doesn't really work unless the listener agrees with the statements, and WANTS them to be true. So somebody who illegally downloads content wouldn't likely be affected by anti-piracy subliminals. Hypnosis and subliminals aren't nearly as "mind control" like as people hope. They DO require participation.
  9. There are horizon goals and milestone goals. You need both to succeed. Consider that it may be helpful to be going TOWARD being a billionaire, and at the same time, being OK if you never get there. No matter WHAT your goals are, you will need to set a new one as soon as any one of them is achieved. Different people treat this different ways. Some are content to only set short term, achievable, goals, knowing they will keep setting new ones once they achieve them. Others are better with huge "horizon goals" like becoming a billionaire, knowing that so long as they keep going in that direction, they'll be fine. Also understand the subconscious (contrary to popular belief) doesn't really speak in literal language. It is much more metaphorical. All of the subliminals are designed to create a "sum total effect" where the overall beliefs and resulting behaviors will stem from how each individual's subconscious interprets all statements COLLECTIVELY. This is also why having a strong clear INTENTION along with the statements is vital. Subliminal Effect = Sum Total of Statements + Visualized Intention + Daily Journaling And Behavior
  10. Wealth tuning is much more comprehensive, much more than a subliminal. A manual with the theory of money, wealth creation, etc. ISG is more of a mental fine tuning, for people who are already in the process of making a living. Wealth Tuning is much better if you're starting from scratch. But it's not a magic bullet. You won't get rich by listening. It takes plenty of conscious understanding, mental exercises, daily drills and shift of how you think. It requires your FULL participation.
  11. admin

    Upgrade Your Equilibrium

    I read a study regarding weight loss. It was done by some British organization, and the results were less than inspiring. It said that less than 2% of people who lost a significant amount of weight kept it off for a significant amount of time. Meaning that they managed to lose weight, but nearly all of them eventually gained it back. Now, it's a very easy excuse to say, "Well, most people can't do it so I'm not even going to try." This more or less GUARANTEES you'll never have any kind of success. After all, most humans are very comfortable doing what everybody else does. If you want to get MORE than what most people get, you'll either have to do something DIFFERENT than most people do, or you'll have to get lucky. Since getting lucky is, by definition, putting control of your life out of your hands, that's not my favorite strategy. But let's take a look at how we can be in that 2%. The people who ARE successful. For one thing, when people think of losing weight, like they think of any success, they commonly think of it as a STATIC goal. Like you do a bunch of work to lose fifty pounds, and then you're done. This works if you're physically moving toward a finish line. You can push yourself really hard to achieve a static goal. But a lower weight (like any other success) is a new level of EQUILIBRIUM. Weight is easy to see. Your weight is a balance between calories consumed and calories spent. So right off the bat, if you have weight loss as a "goal" you might be doomed before you start. Goals are static things. They are metaphorically thought of as a PLACE. We say we "reach" our goal. Just like you reach for something physical. If you have a goal of saving money to buy something, that's fine. It's a finite thing. Once you get to that amount of money, you buy the thing, and you're done. But health and financial goals, (as well as pretty much all other goals) are states of equilibrium. These are not static. They need to be maintained, like any other state of equilibrium. If you are juggling three balls, your mind-body-ball system is in certain state of equilibrium. When you are riding a bicycle, your mind-body-bike system is in a certain state of equilibrium. The more complicated the process, the more complicated the equilibrium state. How do you "get to" a complicated NEW state of equilibrium? Very, very slowly. If you go too fast, the new state will be HARD to maintain. But if you go very slow, each new state will be just as easy as the previous state. Which means you won't be "chasing goals" you'll be continuously UPGRADING your equilibrium. Learn How: NLP Mind Magic
  12. admin

    Find Your Rosebud

    I recently read an interesting article about Elon Musk. The super rich, super genius that is going to take us to mars. He was talking about a recent break up he had. What was interesting was the interview had to pause while he went and composed himself. Apparently at the time of the interview, the breakup was fairly recent. He admitted that his biggest fear is being alone. Not with anybody to share his life with. It reminded me of "Rosebud." Rosebud is the name of the sled in the famous Orson Welles movie, "Citizen Kane." A fictionalized account of William Randolph Hearst, the billionaire newspaper man. At the end of the movie, the protagonist whispered, "Rosebud." The name of his childhood sled. He was recalling when he was a young child. Poor but happy. Having fun, being with his family, not worrying about anything. In the movie, his financially poor dad gave him to another family hoping he'd have a better life. It seems plenty of rich and famous people have a secret "weakness." Even the strongest super heroes (like Superman) all have ONE weakness. At the end of the original King Kong, the famous quote (which was really made up for the movie) was about how "it was beauty the killed the beast." This reflects a fundamental part of human nature. Of the human experience. That no matter HOW MUCH outer success we can achieve, if we don't have healthy relationships, we'll feel empty inside. It's almost as if all that worldly success is to keep us from facing what's missing inside. But as the famous line goes, "No matter where you go, there you are." Which means before you embark on ANY "worldly" venture, it might be a good idea to do some introspection. Figure out what's going on deep inside. Embrace it, accept it, and fix whatever needs fixing. This takes time, and can be pretty scary. But it is pretty easy. All you need is your brain, a notebook, and a few minutes a day. Learn More: NLP Mind Magic
  13. We humans have been telling each other stories for a long time. Long before written language was invented. What was the purpose of these stories? Generally speaking, anything that is ubiquitous to human culture serves a lot of different purposes. But think of stories as motivational tools. But not like we think of today's "motivational speakers." Today's motivational speakers are more like entertainers. They rouse us up, we feel the energy, but then we go home. And pretty soon, it wears off. Stories that TRULY motivate us work on a much different level. They actually serve as tools. For example, imagine a bunch of cave people sitting around. Listening to the local storyteller tell some epic adventure. Hero's journey type story, of man vs. monster. They are quiet and intensely listening. Not jumping around and screaming like today's motivational speaker audiences. Then maybe a couple of days later, they'll be out hunting. Maybe all alone, or maybe with a couple of buddies. And they'll see a big animal. Then they'll REMEMBER how the hero killed the monster. Or how the hero BECAME the hero after he killed the monster. This is the motivation. No screaming and yelling required. Just a small internal shift. Imperceptible to an outside observer. But monumental to the one who remembers. He sees the monster, and feels fear. But then he recalls the hero, and how the hero acted in the face of fear. And because the hero acted IN SPITE of his fear, so will he. A subtle yet monumental shift. From "I don't know if I can do this," to "I can do this." What motivates you? What heroes can you recall in time of need? Perhaps the future you? Who has already destroyed all the obstacles you haven't faced yet? Or one of your most respected and admired historical figures? Upon whom you can call upon in time of need? Once you understand the structure of mythical heroes, and how they motivate us, you can create your own. Not just one, or two. But a whole army. Ready to have your back when you fight the daily battles of life. Inspiring you to continuously conquer. Learn More: NLP Mind Magic
  14. There's an idea in economics about the relationship between entry barriers and remuneration. For example, jobs that are very hard to get, and in high demand, tend to pay pretty well. On the other hand, jobs that are easy to get don't usually pay so much, since pretty much anybody can get them. This is based on the law of supply and demand. If something is in very large supply, it's usually pretty cheap. If something is in very short supply, AND in high demand, then it's pretty expensive. Skills that everybody has AND aren't in very high demand aren't usually worth much. It would be great to be a professional "Netflix Watcher," and get paid bank, but unfortunately, that's just not the way it is. On the other hand, there ARE some pretty easy things you can do, that done consistently will build up some POWERFUL skills. They are easy to do once, so doing them once isn't very special. It's doing them consistently, and building up some real skills that will make them worth a lot. What kind of skills? Mental skills. Thinking skills. Most people are under the impression that once you "learn" some new thinking technique, you only need to do is once or twice. In other areas, it's obvious how silly this is. Imagine the first day of your piano lessons, and you're teacher said: "Ok, watch me carefully," and then she played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." And when she was done, she said: "OK, you try." Most normal people would look at here like she was crazy. But for some reason, we don't seem to think that thinking skills just take as much time to practice as piano skills, or sport skills. Which means NOBODY practices new thinking techniques. And that also means that if YOU practice five or ten minutes a day, pretty soon you'll have a very powerful brain. What kind of thinking can you change? How you feel about social situations. Instead of feeling nervous or anxious, you can feel relaxed, normal, outgoing, however you want to feel. You can change how you feel about pretty much anything. Yourself, your skills, your potential. How strongly you hold your frame. Pretty much anything that involves communication and persuasion can be significantly enhances with some simple and CONSISTENT practice. Because so few people practice these type of things, pretty soon you'll have some very IN DEMAND skills. Get Started: NLP Mind Magic