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    Subliminal Messages

    Everything you wanted to know about subliminal messages: https://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal-messages/
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    Lucid (Journal II)

    If you can fit it in, I'd definitely recommend trying some nested loops in your speech class. Combine those with spatial anchoring and embedded commands, and people will think you are a GOD.
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    Lucid (Journal II)

    September 21 2017 I have a college course in public speaking. Its been...a while. I dont know how long, but Ive been listening to my Charisma Generator tracks (Im buying the buy the book too). Its a topic that was very important to me. Infact for a few days Ive been very emotionally distraught, but I continued to listen to my track. I listen to it as I sleep. And I listen to it in my daily life as I walk around. I like to actively visualize the results etc, and the droning beats really put me into a nice state. I got to talk to one of my mentors (in creative writing), and we were talking about my latest art pieces and projects Im planning to release. In walks in my current professor, who happens to be best friends with my mentor. (Hes also great. He soon too will be my mentor.) They then continued to essentially talk about me IN MY PRESENCE about how great I am and..well other topics we had on our minds. I appreciated the compliments and the magnetism made me feel better. My speech? It went well. Incredibly well. Actually. People began crying during my speech, and someone asked me for my number incase Id like a few voiceover or acting gigs because "my voice and presence is amazing". Ironically when he gave HIS speech earlier I was dissecting his movements and charisma..the way he addressed people calmly and walked around, looking people in a calm collected way whereas everyone else was nervous and fluttering. I decided. Im going to out do him. The whole time I visualized purple magnetic streams coming from peoples hearts to myself, who was enveloped in a large purple being--a maginified envelope of myself. I imagined serpents wrapping around them and binding themselves to me. And purple clouds, a haze covering over the room like a blanket. I went up there and...I cant tell what happened. I ZONED OUT. Became someone else. My movements felt slow, deliberate and controlled. In felt at HOME and comfortable. And was 100% vulnerable, open and emotionally honest with the crowd. And they connected. I brought them INTO my universe. Ive had another experience like this before. To be honest, I now see these moments are easily replicable. Its not a one time thing. I remember people smiling at me and lighting up. Cheering as I ended my speech. Ill continue and repeat my process for this subliminal. Im going to buy George's book. And do this process for all tracks until this is looped in my mind.
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    How To Talk To Girls

    Seven step process. Virtually eliminate approach anxiety and skyrocket your chances of success. Easy system to jack up interest in anybody. Works for both males and females (just switch genders if female) http://mindpersuasion.com/how-to-talk-to-girls-2/
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    Everything you wanted to know about fractionation. Long post (4K plus words) http://mindpersuasion.com/fractionation/
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    Seven Laws - Coming Soon