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    Ten Inch Penis

    This is impossible. How beliefs affect behaviors is not linear. I have no idea who you are, what of personality you have, etc. Everybody will be affected differently by the same suggestions. Changing beliefs to change behaviors is a very complicated PROCESS. You are not doing something as simple as baking a cake where somebody can tell you EXACTLY what to do to get the EXACT results you want. In the process of changing your beliefs, you will start to TRY THINGS on your own to augment the process. If you are expecting to lay their passively while the sounds do all the work, that will not happen. You need to PARTICIPATE. Part of the participating process is journaling about YOUR OWN THOUGHTS and how they are affected by the listening sessions. Some of the things you think AFTER listening can help you choose behaviors that MAY or MAY not create the results you seek. But none of that will happen if you are expecting linear results. This is why daily JOURNALING is essential. It helps get the thoughts out of your mind, on paper, so you can look at them and then see if they lead you to THINK of different behaviors.
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    Referring to this book https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Agent-Persuasion-Covertly-Implant-ebook/dp/B0765VLFFB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509862641&sr=8-1&keywords=secret+agent+persuasion&dpID=51VVc8VVLEL&preST=_SY445_QL70_&dpSrc=srch This is a gem. I used some of these techniques today and made a close friend in a 3 hour conversation going back and forth, building a strong connection. Actually, I didn't even execute the step by step process 100% correctly, but just by taking good notes from the stuff in this book and executing I got a TON TON out of it. Now some may ask " hmm, haven't you already made friends Light? You've been around for a couple years." Understand, I didn't even use the hypnosis sessions. I literally got the book, took notes, got to execution. This is very well written and I didn't at all feel guilty because I was in a state of very good listening the whole time. Outstanding work George. I look forward to more great content in the future.
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    So this is my journey towards making 100k a month. Although I'm definitely not there yet, I'm happy that I found this site through youtube, and I wish to bring you all along my journey. So let's get it started. I'll be telling you all my experiences with all of the subliminals. Week of (Oct 22-30) 2017 Lotto Subliminal Money magnet - Attract riches and prosperity. 100K - a month subliminal After a week of listening to the lottery subliminal, I played the lotto on my birthday, and surprisingly my numbers came really close. I didn't win, but I'm really excited w/ my results, because I've never gotten that close with picking numbers. That''s another goal of mines. Here's my process, so every night I visualized my number's being picked on tv over and over, until I felt good about my visualization, and carried that feeling throughout my day. After a week of listening to money magnet attract riches and prosperity, I notice more luxury cars all around me. I see Mercedes, BMW'S, lambhorginis, and other high priced vehicle's that are stunning to see. Attract Elite women - Nothing to report. November 2 , 2017 I went to a dealership and I got a chance to look at some really nice cars. I never knew how nice Lexus dealerships were. I felt like I belonged there for some reason, and it felt great. I will keep you all updated.
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    Hey marvelous, well I noticed that when I listen to the 100K a month subliminal I hear about many contest, usually on the radio. You be surprised how much money radio stations give away per week. Sometimes its 500, 1000, and even concert tickets. But I never call in though. One day I will. Well recently I saw on social about a dream job to travel and make 10K a month, and it seems legit. Let's see what happens I notice that the 100K subliminal does bring more ideas of wealth.
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    Master Mix experimenting

    So I've come to the personal realization that master mixes are better for me personally. I've bought so many of Hutton's subliminals and others that I don't have the time to listen to all of them effectively. I also use a lot of your subs in the moment for "seduction purposes" and yeah they work, but they really work when I put the master mixes to use. Which had me come to my own individual epiphany that if I listen to master mixes just like I listen to individual tracks ( but for like 2 hrs. not 20 min. which I do for individual tracks ) on a daily basis I'll still get those long-term results, which may take longer with master mixes, but I can cover vast amounts of content in much shorter amounts of time. I understand that I will need to touch up with individual sub tracks to work on certain areas more profoundly. I also discovered that our subconscious can hold up to 25,000 bits of information at one time which means I can create master mixes of master mixes, I have a sound editor now so I can make my own custom versions of all the wonderful content you have to offer. With this discovery, I also came to the notion that if we want to speed up results why not listen to the same track simultaneously two and three times over and your good to go ... anyone has any input, suggestions, or questions about this methodology please feel free to chime in, and Hutton in your opinion do you think this will work ?
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    Weaponized Hypnosis - New Product

    Weaponized Hypnosis Your Mind Is Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Shot!