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  1. I got a phone number! I took on board what George said about being approachable so when a guy I liked kept looking over at me at a party, I made sure I made eye contact and smiled every time. He started looking more and showing off around me. Before he left he gave me his number and said he wants to see me again. I started listening to "people love me" a few days before I saw him.
  2. I'm feeling a bit confused today. I'm a beautiful woman, I get told that a lot, but men never approach me, ever! Everywhere I go I see at least one guy staring at me or checking me out, but guys never add me on facebook or message me. People seem to get such great results with subliminals, but I've tried loads off youtube and nothing! It's disheartening because it makes me feel like maybe I'm just unlovable? I'm a really nice, down to earth, sweet, funny & smart person, I just only get stares, nothing else. I don't get it. I just re-read my first post and I used to get messages, but not anymore.
  3. I've started using the all men love me and irrestible attraction again lately and I am feeling more confident with men. I forgot the results I got with this last time and I'm excited to try these both together this time. I didn't use them long enough last time.
  4. Hi Jerry, I've been using crystals for years and I've found that some are better than others. When I had tonsilitis I used a lapis lazuli and sodalite on my throat and the next day the lumps on my tonsils were gone! I tried it another time I had tonsilitis and the same thing happened. I use them on my chakras. Each crystal is supposed to have specific functions like healing specific things or increasing love and confidence, but they work better if you choose the crystal that matches the chakra in the area you want to work on, for example emeralds and rose quarzt for love (heart chakra), sun stone and citrine for confidence (solar plexus chakra). I'd recommend a quartz crystal as a starter crystal because it works on all chakras and helps clear negative energy. Sometimes people can feel a bit sensitive to the crystals energy so grounding yourself is important when using crystals, especially when working with the higher chakras. I don't know as much about tarot, I've only been using my cards for a few weeks and I'd say they are accurate. Oracle cards are not bad, I've given a lot of accurate readings with them, but so far the tarot seem more acurate.
  5. I want the exact same as Marvelous.
  6. More things I've noticed, people in general are contacting me more and today a random guy commented on my fb that he wanted to have a drink with me, he's not my type though. Also, some of the guys have the same first name as my crush and one guy even looked exactly like my crush, but slightly older! Does that mean anything? Synchronicity?
  7. Hi George, my biggest issue is, I can't be myself around men I'm attracted to. If I wasn't attracted to a guy, I'd be myself and talk to them like I would any friend, but when it's someone I like, my nerves get in the way, I worry about what I'm saying, if they are interested, I am thinking too much how I can impress them, but at the same time, I want them to like me as I am. I have no trouble getting as far as a guy being interested and talking to me or showing signs of having a crush on me, but it's my insecure feelings that I will some how put them off me. It's a fear of rejection, but when I later reflect on these guys, who I thought would reject me or think I am out of thier "league" I realised that I was good enough and pretty enough, but at the time I see them I don't feel that confident. I can be open to the men I'm not that keen on and they become attracted to me, but attractive men make me think I am going to instantly get rejected no matter what. I would love to be able to be relaxed and not overthink things when a good looking guy approaches me and to just be myself.
  8. Thanks for the welcome Loozid I didn't know about the manifesting men package smokingskull, thanks, I will give that a try. I'm the same Athena, I rarely find people in real life attractive and when I do, I'm too shy to talk to them and miss my chance! That's really the bit I need to change the most. I think for me, I open up to people online so they get to know my good points better, where as in real life I'm quite closed off, so that's probably why I attract more people online. I have a crush on someone and he seemed interested in me, but I was too shy to talk to him and I really regret it because I haven't seen him since. I think I gave off the vibe that I am not interested. I agree about having some subliminals with sexual affirmations and some without. It would be great to have some affirmations on how to approach men, confidence on dates, feeling secure in that stage from the first date til they next contact you, all those other bits in between them coming to you and being in a long term relationship. Those are some brilliant ideas Athena, especially about approaching men. I would love to have confidence when the guys I really like approach me instead of running a mile like I always do! Lol. This guy I liked was coming to talk to me and I turned my back and pretended I didn't see him because in my head all I could think was, I'm going to sound stupid lol.
  9. Hi, I've been listening to love magnet since the 5th January and All men love me for about 3 days. I can definately see a huge amount of interest from men since I started this. I am getting constant messages on dating sites and it's the same guys (ones that I find attractive) who message me the most. A guy in real life has started talking to me more and someone on facebook sent me a message out the blue. Someone also sent me a gift. My goal is to find "the one". Although as much as I am into the LOA and sprituality, I'm starting to doubt finding true love. So far the interest has been very sexual and I'm not looking for fwb. I bought the alpha female package recently so I will listen to the self love and self esteem audios next. I'll document any major changes here and if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve my chances of finding "the one" I would really appreciate it.
  10. Thank you so much George, I'm glad it's a common thing and not just me. I'm looking forward to trying the packages you've suggested.
  11. Hi, for the past year I have been using different subliminals, hyponosis, books to find and attract love and recently discovered George Hutton. I've been using the love magnet subliminal for a few days now. I seem to hit the same problem whenever someone does show any signs of attraction to me because my mind thinks they are attracted to me, but at the same time I can't see why they would like me, which is odd I know, but I think this is down to years of emotional abuse, I have been told by people that they loved me, but they treated me badly and I think that is why I don't believe these guys would actually like me. Because of this guys eventually give up trying to persue me. Recently a guy seemed interested in me and was trying to talk to me when I was alone, but all I could think was he is going to laugh at whatever I have to say, which was completely irrational, but there's something in my beliefs that triggers this with any man I find attractive where I can tell it's mutual. I think I'm attractive and a good person, but I think in other peoples eyes that I am not good enough, but I feel like I am good enough if that makes sense. Does anyone have any subliminal suggestions to help with this please? Thanks Laura