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  1. Thank you, everyone, who responded to this thread. I found it very helpful to me and many ideas has stemmed from all the contributions. It seems like they are awesome tools, but may not be necesarily needed. I do like the part where you mention,Light, if you are already psychologically strong you may not need them, per se. I still love to look into things and see how they work just to get a general feeling. And also, remove the feeling of " missing out on something." It's one of those things that I feel it's hard to gauge the effectiveness. And while I do get the basic theory it's still hard to comprehend it. With that said, I think one of the most powerful tools is probably self-hypnosis which is what most things really are. I will gather more info on this later Thanks for replying!
  2. I am very happy with myself I have successfully most of the task I've been wanting to do. My flow has been very consistent and smooth lately. If I do happen to get in a crabby mood, I am able to snap out of it almost instantly. I am planning on a writing a new book in the near future about Mind Magic.. I hope you guys continue to support me like you have always been doing. Keep me in your prayers and let's make some magic happen, baby!
  3. Hey! George can you add the link when it goes live?
  4. Hey Laura89! That's a damn shame if I saw you in real life I would spit out the "game" and let you know how awesome and beautiful you are. Tell you what, let's pretend, this is real life for just a few seconds. Me: Hey I think you're cute what you up to?? You: Not much just walking around the mall trying to find something good to wear. I think I gained a few pounds these pants don't fit. Me: What's your name by the way I forgot to ask? Oh, and you look very beautiful, So I don't even know why you thinking about it. But if you have to think about it just know you are someone is very beautiful. Any guy would love to get to know you. And in fact, you are beautiful I think most guys are a little intimidated your beauty. Tell you what because I am here right now and you are listening to me speak at this moment in time. Why don't you give me your number. *hands phone* We can grab some coffee. It will be on me.
  5. 5/31 I am going to keep this really short and to the point because the details will just be too long. And are unnecessary for my purposes today.. Dream 1 - The Boys I was hanging out with two boys. One of them was really cool and then he got upset for whatever reason. I think we were playing video games or something. Then he started to get really aggressive. So, I kicked him out of my house. Then they came back were doing something weird. I think they found a way back inside. I got startled and woke up. I was slightly afraid and wondering what happen. I also had a slight delay, I was wondering if that actually really happened. So, I went to the other room and slept there. Dream 2 - The Girl I hated, Then Loved? There was this girl who really made me upset. I couldn't stand her at all. Complete arguments... Then later, we somehow kissed and made up and were very much in love with each other. I was very much drawn to her presence. This left me confused who was she. Why did I hate her in the beginning and then really like her after? That is the end of my dreams. I remember them pretty, but don't really understand much. Once again, I think this falls under Lucid Dreaming. Dream 2 I barely remember I just remember the main message.
  6. George you are a monster man! I'd totally buy it and I am not even into tarots. Well, I am into it just never dove fully into it. I do get the basics down. Could you perhaps give a general description of the use of tarots and how this would help us within our own reality. Maybe you don't need so many sessions as I think that would be a little too inconvenient. I don't know just initial thoughts. I think maybe something a little more generic that would give us a profound understanding would suffice. You know best. I just want to know how you put these things together BECAUSE you explain all these advanced concepts in a way that is so easy to understand. Most people make shit too complicated and you really have to surrender to their belief system and language patterns to it. Which is why I love your explanations they are always on point and easy to learn from. Currently, I am interested in the tarot to further understand the system. It seems like a card game that contains ancient wisdom of reality itself. Card game seems a little silly. It is technically like a card game and it also helps understand the mysteries of life while giving insight on the subconscious. Would love to see you make this. My thoughts: Perhaps, make it a little more simplified. I think 200+ video would be way too much. You might want to make 1 video for each and a master mix. You could maybe leave out the gamma for this one if you wanted too. Sorry if this sounds a little rude, just want to give some feedback here. PS: Do you find tarots useful? Why or why not?
  7. Hello, When I was younger I used to always be fascinated by symbolism(especially tarot). They had a sense of magical allure for me. I always wanted to learn what it meant and when I would look at the cards it would seem like they contain some sort of mystery inside. Now to the question, has any of you guys here use tarots and cards and do they work? I do get the basics of how tarots work, I have not fully dive into that subject. Having said that I understand pretty much how they work just never got the chance to take a serious look into it. How about crystals? They are supposed to have some sort of frequency which heals certain things about yourself..Do you guys use these things yourself and do you think they work? PS: I am not asking as a doubter I am just curious on what other people think on this sort of topic. PS2: I look forward to seeing some of your responses!
  8. The Beginning of The End My time is almost up. It is the end. Or is it the beginning. I've solved the PUZZLES, almost all of them. Pretty soon I will be able to make the shift into the next level! I thank you all for who has been with me from the very beginning at my corner despite all the challenges that have been sent our way. And now, the road is closing to its end. All the puzzles are nearly solved. Just a few left and I will become the God of the World. But fear not little one, I shall not leave you by yourself. I shall bring you with me to join me into higher consciousness. It gets boring at the top. Which is why God made you to be by my side. So we wouldn't be alone. AHAHA, my inside is laughing hysterically as I feel like I am going up in the air. For the end is near. Super excited because I am so close it is nearly DONE!!!!!! *Smirks* Just need to master a couple more steps to reach my final form( or new form). Probably going to need a girl to help me with the last procedure... Oh, beautiful one where are you. I am looking for you. With your help I can enter the last level of my human evolution. Won't you come and UNITE with me. It's almost time to get all my wishes to come true. Where are you young maid that will help bring me to my final form... My heart detects victory and I feel excitement!!! Will I grow wings? Maybe I should buy a gold ankh to represent my level of evolution. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.... PS: Thank you all for embarking in my journey. As you follow along these process and understand the mysteries I reveal here you can begin to transform yourself as well! Just a little bit closer...We are almost there!
  9. Dear Journal: Victory is near. With the successful launch of my first book. All the pieces are coming in place. Now all that is required is time. Time will ultimately solve all challenges. What's next? I will be creating a new master piece called "Dominate The Online Business Game". You will learn the top secrets for hacking the online world and generating a massive chunk of profits. Hope to see you soon. It will be the best book on business you will read this year if not the second best book you will read on business this year. See you soon!
  10. Awesome timing! I just had a recent thought of asking you to " create more hypnosis related work for hypnotist." This pretty much relates to it, yet it also addressed the sales part. Look forward to buying this book and you can expect me to buy right away
  11. Dear Me, And Gerardo now is the time that you begin to rise from ashes of where you came from because you serve a greater purpose. But you must sacrifice the last bits parts that is holding you down. There will be a time when you are no more and ythe truth shall set you free. Because now is the time for a change. Gerardo no more waiting. No more procrastinating. You can do better than this and you know this. So why bother wasting any more time. You were destined to be the greatest man alive. Or the second greatest man alive. *chuckle* (energy filled with slight fear and slightly laughing) All jokes aside Gerardo this is your opportunity to strike and explode yourself to abundance where you deserve. Will you take the opportunity is up to you. But make no mistake do not make the same mistake as before. Because the doors are wide open for you to walk right in. Do not back down, boy. For the war for your freedom is over now and you can enjoy your life as you have wished for. Free is now yours and all you need to do is see things through the end of time because it is now the time for a change. And all have to you have to do is believe and know this to be true. There is nothing stopping you from accomplishing your task. And I have said enough now. Carry on with the plan for world domination. Reveal the mysteries of world. Let the fools play barbie and ken as they desire, we have bigger things to take of. Bigger fishes to fry. Move on with your mission Gerardo. I am done talking to you for now. Until Next Time, Gerardo Morillo
  12. Hello Friends, Awesome News: The book is coming along wonderfully. I am very pleased with how things are moving a long. Once it's done I will be able to teach George some new things It has done a good job teaching me it's only fair if I return the favor. The book is nearly done. You check out some of the info here for some info ahead of time: This is it the book that will revolutionize the world. I do it all for you my God. I pray father God these people can understand and learn everything that is being taught in this book. I also hope that you check out what I've written for you. This book will change the world mark my words. If it doesn't I've failed you father and disappointed all that I've been fighting for such a long time. Anyways the book is almost done. For those of you who enjoy my work you can pre-order if you'd like, but it's more for you to get a general description of what to expect. Today I will be creating a video for the pre-launch of my first eBook EVER! I am super pumped and pleased. I cannot wait for this to be delivered to you. Thank you God for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. I've overcome many obstacles and now we are here. This is it. This is the starting of a brand new life. Let us change the world together. You can join me if you'd like for the change. Or you can join me later it is completely up to you. Whatever happens, you will start to join me. Until Next Time, GM
  13. Ok, I will check those out when I get the chance. Thought about using them before. I wanted to see if I could get some idea here though
  14. Hey, Team! This is your main man Gerardo Morillo, and I am here to ask you a special request. I will be creating a new site with the launch of my new book. Which is over 40 pages in! That means I am 40% done! Anyways, enough about that let's get to the question. What is a good SEO friendly name for google? IE: Those are just some examples, that I am "considering" I would like a domain name that SEO friendly and that makes sense for my next upcoming site. My next site will be about Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, NLP, and secrets to life-related topics. Can you guys help me with some ideas here?
  15. Ok, it seems like I was doing something slightly different. George, how does this tie into the Kundalini though. I kinda get it but it's slightly above my intelligence level. Even though I kinda get it...