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  1. Live now
  2. If you're looking for help with approaching, consider this: The two products have the same intention (success with women) but from two slightly different approaches. Manifest Women intends to make you much more attractive so they "notice you" and give you a lot more signals (including approaches). Zero Fear Game intends to rid you of all anxiety (approach, closing ,kino, etc.) so you can approach whomever you want whenever you want without any worry.
  3. Excellent! Keep doing what works.
  4. Yep, it's live and the aff stuff will be set up later today.
  5. To be approached, you have to be approachable. Sounds silly, but it's likely that you are giving off a weird vibe. Maybe they see you, and part of them thinks they might get rejected outright if they approach. That's generally what stops guys from approaching, is thinking that there will be a high probability of failure. You might need to do some digging through your brain to find out what may be causing this, OR you could just practice talking to people. Not people you are interested in, just people in general. Not for any reason, just to get experience talking to people and feeling that most people are normal It could be that you have some fears of others that you are projecting, which they (guys that notice you but don't approach) interpret the wrong way. Ideally they want to see you, notice that you are physically beautiful, AND sense that you have a friendly, easy going, enjoyable to talk to type of personality. The best way to radiate that is it simply practice talking to people and gaining experience BEING that person. This is explained more fully in the Manifest Men course, if you have it.
  6. please send a copy of your receipt to and I'll send you the link. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. I've been toying with the idea of creating a "Tarot Card Accelerator" type product. It would contain a description and short article on each Tarot Card, with three sessions (4VT, 4VG, 25VT) for each card. Maybe a daily meditation where you focus on an intention, slowly shuffle the deck and pull out the "card of the day" according to your intuition. Then you'd read the particular "meditation" on that particular card, and listen to one of the sessions. It would have to be 234 separate sessions (3 sessions x 78 cards) so it would be a MONSTER product. Maybe a cloud based membership (one time fee) or something.
  8. Use only theta on one of them, with the other two being plain. Make sure to create a visualization (intention) that encompasses all three sessions.
  9. The last few aff packs had keyword files, with search volume etc. Give those a look.
  10. Journal every day. Look for evidence, things you could try, try them, record what happened, and tweak whatever you did to try again later.