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  1. Hey George Hope you're doing fanstastic

    I have a request if you can make it ,it's about super saiyan subliminal 

    Lots of us have requested this so it would be sick if you could do it 

    I bought all your products and so far this shit has been life changing

    I can't thank you enough for your dedication and value giving


    1. admin


      I'm going to need a bit more information.

      I'm not familiar with Supere Saiyan...

    2. shadowznarcs
    3. shadowznarcs


      Like in dragon ball z there is already some stuff on this on youtube it's a species close to human but far more developed . They have control over Ki and are in my opinion the most powerful specie

  2. Subs don't work on the audience. They work on you. They change your beliefs to believe what the subs are telling you. If you believe the audience loves you, you'll be a much better actor. If you believe the audience thinks you are the greatest actor in the world, they will motivate you subconsciously to live up to their expectations. Also, they're not meant to be a replacement for the necessary trial-error-feedback-learning-improvement mechanism, but a supplement.
  4. Many problems with this idea. Mainly because it doesn't make any sense. You can take KNOWN information and then use various technology to put that KNOWN information to bypass the conscious critic. That's pretty much the whole point of hypnosis, and all other technology (like 256 voice files). To make it impossible to question each one. To say this means you CAN'T know what this information is, EVER, is VERY DANGEROUS. I'd stay away from the IDEA that you should't know what's being put in your brain.
  5. At some point you'll need to interact with them. Think of it as a continuum, and crossing the "conversation" barrier is really just an expansion of "non-verbal contact." Once you're getting IOI (indicators of interest) there are lots of things you can do. For example, if you see a guy you'd to have approach you (but he's with another lady) find somebody NEAR him and approach him. Just small talk, or even pretend you thought he was somebody else, and keep looking at your "target" a few times while talking to the "other guy." Unless you are hard into an MLM sales pitch, or you come across as psycho killer, no dude is going to offended if you approach just for small talk. Think of going as as "playing" and "experimenting" rather than "trying to meet somebody." It decreases "neediness" which increases attraction. But when you ARE ready for conversations with "targets," consider this: Once you are sitting across the table from them, you can "talk them into" pretty much anything....
  6. Yes.
  7. Excellent! Keep a journal of everything, what works, what doesn't, everything you can remember. Write down something every day. The idea is to build in an instinctive feeling (built after writing everything, good and bad, down) of what works and what doesn't.
  8. Live now
  9. If you're looking for help with approaching, consider this: The two products have the same intention (success with women) but from two slightly different approaches. Manifest Women intends to make you much more attractive so they "notice you" and give you a lot more signals (including approaches). Zero Fear Game intends to rid you of all anxiety (approach, closing ,kino, etc.) so you can approach whomever you want whenever you want without any worry.
  10. Excellent! Keep doing what works.