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      25 Sep

    going to make a youtube video about silent subliminals and show others how to create them. (^.^)

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Laura's journal

Success Stories Yesterday, 11:46 PM
Hi, I've been listening to love magnet since the 5th January and All men love me for about 3 days. I can definately see a huge amount of interest from men since I started this. I am getting constant messages on dating sites and it's the same guys (ones that I find attractive) who message me the m...
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CIA Research On Paranormal Released

Techniques 18 Jan 2017
http://www.zerohedge...experiments-ufo   The Central Intelligence Agency has published nearly 13 million pages of declassified files online, documents which previously were physically accessible only from four computer terminals at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. T...
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Info on video choice

General Video Discussions 15 Jan 2017
Please could you direct me to your best audio for: 1)fat loss and increasing metabolism to max 2)incrementing penis(i have seen 2:1 super huge penis and 2 ten inches) 3)I' m a forex trader but i have some problems on operating without stress(i have seen 1 specific audio but maybe you have better...
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Need subliminal suggestions please

Attraction 13 Jan 2017
Hi, for the past year I have been using different subliminals, hyponosis, books to find and attract love and recently discovered George Hutton. I've been using the love magnet subliminal for a few days now. I seem to hit the same problem whenever someone does show any signs of attraction to me be...
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