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    I got a phone number! I took on board what George said about being approachable so when a guy I liked kept looking over at me at a party, I made sure I made eye contact and smiled every time. He started looking more and showing off around me. Before he left he gave me his number and said he wants to see me again. I started listening to "people love me" a few days before I saw him.
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    Last night I heard the audio for the first time the exboy friend back subliminal..... and to my surprise today when I awoke I received a call from my ex-husband ... we lately have very little communication, except to send me a joke ...... And he told me I'll call you later and the truth surprises me the speed in reactions of people like the one that was important for me ..Maybe I expected some reaction from some ex but he was like omg I´ll continue whit results soon
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    To be approached, you have to be approachable. Sounds silly, but it's likely that you are giving off a weird vibe. Maybe they see you, and part of them thinks they might get rejected outright if they approach. That's generally what stops guys from approaching, is thinking that there will be a high probability of failure. You might need to do some digging through your brain to find out what may be causing this, OR you could just practice talking to people. Not people you are interested in, just people in general. Not for any reason, just to get experience talking to people and feeling that most people are normal It could be that you have some fears of others that you are projecting, which they (guys that notice you but don't approach) interpret the wrong way. Ideally they want to see you, notice that you are physically beautiful, AND sense that you have a friendly, easy going, enjoyable to talk to type of personality. The best way to radiate that is it simply practice talking to people and gaining experience BEING that person. This is explained more fully in the Manifest Men course, if you have it.
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    I've started using the all men love me and irrestible attraction again lately and I am feeling more confident with men. I forgot the results I got with this last time and I'm excited to try these both together this time. I didn't use them long enough last time.
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    Our personal relationship with the Divine is [in my belief] the MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in our Life and the Universe (no pun intended; Okay pun intended ) As I have been exploring how I interpreted and experienced 'God' in my childhood. Whether it was experiences of clairaudience or meditating and seeing/knowing the multicolored-presence of the One. I've realized that Divinity + Signs of the Divine is the Magic in Life that we recognized as Children. We should tap into that Romanticized Outlook; it obviously makes Life MORE ENJOYABLE Today i went on an amusement ride I hadn't ridden in YEARS! It's called the 'Swings of the Century' & was my Most Favourite Ride in the World! Today I experienced it once again. I was Swinging Freely in the air letting my Naked Toes Kiss the Breeze! It was no less then Pure Angelic Ecstasy. And Yes a Child-Like giggle sneaked up from my adult voice. Please tap into an elated childhood experience; if its possible try to re-experience it! It can create 'new' childhood memories! Its like being given a New Body again. When you give yourself the Permission to be Free like a Child. To let go of the tight grip of the Ego and loosen our inhibitions; we find the pure joy of Living. This Pure Joy is our Main connection to the Divine; some experience this in a stationary sense by going inward (Meditation). I personally like to experience externally and also reflect internally. This way both states are focused on Higher Spiritual Awareness/Appreciation equaling to Total Devotion for Creation.
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    Live now http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-sales/
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    If you're looking for help with approaching, consider this: http://mindpersuasion.com/zero-fear-game/ The two products have the same intention (success with women) but from two slightly different approaches. Manifest Women intends to make you much more attractive so they "notice you" and give you a lot more signals (including approaches). Zero Fear Game intends to rid you of all anxiety (approach, closing ,kino, etc.) so you can approach whomever you want whenever you want without any worry.
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    I am very happy with myself I have successfully most of the task I've been wanting to do. My flow has been very consistent and smooth lately. If I do happen to get in a crabby mood, I am able to snap out of it almost instantly. I am planning on a writing a new book in the near future about Mind Magic.. I hope you guys continue to support me like you have always been doing. Keep me in your prayers and let's make some magic happen, baby!
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    Yep, it's live http://mindpersuasion.com/entrepreneurial-mind/ and the aff stuff will be set up later today.
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    Hey Laura89! That's a damn shame if I saw you in real life I would spit out the "game" and let you know how awesome and beautiful you are. Tell you what, let's pretend, this is real life for just a few seconds. Me: Hey I think you're cute what you up to?? You: Not much just walking around the mall trying to find something good to wear. I think I gained a few pounds these pants don't fit. Me: What's your name by the way I forgot to ask? Oh, and you look very beautiful, So I don't even know why you thinking about it. But if you have to think about it just know you are someone is very beautiful. Any guy would love to get to know you. And in fact, you are beautiful I think most guys are a little intimidated your beauty. Tell you what because I am here right now and you are listening to me speak at this moment in time. Why don't you give me your number. *hands phone* We can grab some coffee. It will be on me.
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    I'm feeling a bit confused today. I'm a beautiful woman, I get told that a lot, but men never approach me, ever! Everywhere I go I see at least one guy staring at me or checking me out, but guys never add me on facebook or message me. People seem to get such great results with subliminals, but I've tried loads off youtube and nothing! It's disheartening because it makes me feel like maybe I'm just unlovable? I'm a really nice, down to earth, sweet, funny & smart person, I just only get stares, nothing else. I don't get it. I just re-read my first post and I used to get messages, but not anymore.
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    Hi Jerry, I've been using crystals for years and I've found that some are better than others. When I had tonsilitis I used a lapis lazuli and sodalite on my throat and the next day the lumps on my tonsils were gone! I tried it another time I had tonsilitis and the same thing happened. I use them on my chakras. Each crystal is supposed to have specific functions like healing specific things or increasing love and confidence, but they work better if you choose the crystal that matches the chakra in the area you want to work on, for example emeralds and rose quarzt for love (heart chakra), sun stone and citrine for confidence (solar plexus chakra). I'd recommend a quartz crystal as a starter crystal because it works on all chakras and helps clear negative energy. Sometimes people can feel a bit sensitive to the crystals energy so grounding yourself is important when using crystals, especially when working with the higher chakras. I don't know as much about tarot, I've only been using my cards for a few weeks and I'd say they are accurate. Oracle cards are not bad, I've given a lot of accurate readings with them, but so far the tarot seem more acurate.
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    So my .02 experiences. With Tarot or Psychic stuff - I don't readings on myself, it's generally best to hire someone else to figure things out. I have noticed regardless of how much I improve, there's a default sort of resistance to some things i.e. everyone has certain blind spots that prevent them from being completely successful. This is why working in groups, having a girlfriend, etc. helps. At the very least, you need some sort of guide that can see the full picture w/great clarity. Human beings including me have certain personality traits or weaknesses that lead directly to failure - and this can only be prevented by external circumstances. Environment, guides, good friendships, etc. It's sort of like playing a sport. Without the right supporting casts and pieces that fall into the perfect puzzle, the best players will not win a championship. Whatever you do I would cast aside any inhibitions or skepticism you might have that preventing you from exploring Tarot. If you go to a good honest reader (there are some frauds so it's best you do your research before getting a reading), you'll find it works and it's often deeper than basic life wisdom. Crystals do work but I have found right action passes them in effectiveness. You don't really need a stone for communication, confidence, courage, etc. By taking the right actions, you'll do whatever needs to be done naturally. I needed to heal my relationship w/my family but I would never really take the steps to communicate the way I felt about their behavior, etc. it was a tough conversation, but in the end we reached an understanding and I felt a good amount better about everything. One of my friends say if you're psychologically strong do you really need crystals? I don't know if it is right or wrong, but my line of thinking agrees w/that sentiment.
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    I've been toying with the idea of creating a "Tarot Card Accelerator" type product. It would contain a description and short article on each Tarot Card, with three sessions (4VT, 4VG, 25VT) for each card. Maybe a daily meditation where you focus on an intention, slowly shuffle the deck and pull out the "card of the day" according to your intuition. Then you'd read the particular "meditation" on that particular card, and listen to one of the sessions. It would have to be 234 separate sessions (3 sessions x 78 cards) so it would be a MONSTER product. Maybe a cloud based membership (one time fee) or something.
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    I listen 4VGs tracks while driving or about any time when I can set myself into a bubble with a pair of earbuds. I also listen to the 256 voices track at bedtime. Very rarely, I have 10 minutes free to relax and listen to the 4VT tracks. I'm already experiencing plenty of positive changes in my life so I know the programming is working. Should I continue as is or would it be preferable that I force myself schedule 10 minutes breaks to listen to the 4VT tracks as well? P.S.: AbundanceOfWomen,FrameControl,WomenSeduceYou (Manifest Women) + Instant Alpha Hypnosis = very Interesting results...
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    Remember the metaphor of checkers and chess. Your conscious can always only play checkers, and think one or two moves ahead. Your subconscious is always playing chess, and thinking MANY moves ahead. So while you might not consciously think there are big benefits, your subconscious sees them WAAAY out in the future. The less you rely on forcing everything through your conscious understanding, and the more you open to your instincts, the more "in the flow" you'll be and the more things will start to just "happen." The more you "trust" your subconscious and "let go" the need for conscious understanding, the easier things will be. Nothing magical, just shifting to much more efficient way of interacting with others. Which is the intention of "Flow State," btw