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    Dear Team, Sorry I've been sick lately. Even us Gurus get sick and need a break from work. I do apologize team. This week has been rough for me. I also had a very obsession with a big project on mine. So, I was testing to see if I can get a boner. And long story short some of my experiments worked and I walked around town with a massive boner and girls were staring at it! Very happy about this because I don't remember the last time I had a real boner, definitely unlike this one. Now I can know create it anytime, so I might have more fun with this. I will be returning in action soon. I may take it a little easy for a bit and return once more when I am fully recovered. I do feel better... Until Next Time, Gerardo Morillo
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    Hey George, I can't help while reading Sex Transmutation your latest work to realize you did experience the infinite in physical form. Obviously, you seem to have experienced it one time or several times already presuming you created Kundalini Activator. To be honest I am still surprised it worked...Most of those type of things tend to be gimmicks. Which is why I am so glad yours ACTUALLY worked. Anyways, I am curious as to your experience of awakening and uniting yourself with the infinite(or truth). Was it something similar to my own experience(the one in the success story). Did you get a psychosis of some kind? Did you get visions revealing you secrets of life? Did you lose temporary control over your body? Did you go "crazy." Do you still use the Kundalini Activator yourself to open your chakras and Kundalini? Perhaps, you may not want to reveal your full experience. I am just curious as to your version of awakening and was it similar to my own? Please do share!
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    With the help of potent aphrodisiacs that have been used since time immemorial, such as Huanarpo Macho, Maca and Guarana, you will have at your disposal the perfect recipe for a healthy boost in confidence, sexual function, happiness, overall health and focus.
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    Thank you light for your wisdom done in a very witty and playful manner. I appreciate your hustle and God provides you with all the wealth you are looking for. You are very smart and I can see this by what you say You have a lot of wisdom over your head. Keep it up mate, I know You will succeed. Gerardo Out!
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    " Women always think about sex Women wonder how it would be to have sex with you when they look at you Women try to imagine you naked and it arouse them You can feel women arousal in their voice when they talk with you When you look at women, they feel sexual tension rising... Women are always minutes away from having an uncontrollable urge to have sex with you" I'd love to have a romance and dating and girlfriend version of that: Men always think about dating and relationships Men wonder how it would be to have a relationship with you when they look at you Men try to imagine you on a date with them and as their girlfriend and it arouse them You can feel men's emotional and physical attraction in their voice when they talk with you When you look at men, they feel sexual and romantic tension rising... Men are always minutes away from having an uncontrollable urge to ask you out Men are always minutes away from having a uncontrollable urge to ask you to be their girlfriend. Tee hee! ;-)
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    Would you like to know what part of the reason is???? Women are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slut shaming against "having sex too soon." A TON of dating books and people online say that if we have sex "too soon" then we will NEVER be seen as girlfriend material but if we want X amount of time to have sex, then we WILL be seen as girlfriend material, or rather we MIGHT, but if we have sex let's say if we have sex within the first three dates - but there are even books out there telling us to wait 2-3 months to have sex with a guy!! - then the man will only EVER see us in a sexual way and NEVER EVER EVVER in a romantic way and he will skip off into the sunset with the woman who waits to have sex with him. That is I believe a HUGE HUGE HUGE reason why women try not to come across as "too sexual" And it doesn't mean that we are NOT sexual, some of us have a big sex drive ;-) but society and a lot of dating materials, even a lot of people online, are so busy slut-shaming us, that sometimes we are quite scared to have sex "too soon." What I want is that I can attract men no matter HOW "soon" or "late" I have sex with him, that's it's not even a factor. Or that if I have sex with him, it only ADDS to the attraction heh heh. There's also this perception that men put women into two boxes, women for sex and women for love. And sometimes we don't WANT to be shoved into the sex only box. Cos it feels like, if we ARE, then we're seen as less "high value" than the women in the "girlfriend material" box. Now you know. And sometimes when she won't have sex with you, it's because she actually really likes you and is super attracted to you and doesn't want to lose you at the early stages. (And yes, sometimes it's cos she DOESN'T like you like that or other reasons, of course. But sometimes it's that not wanting to stuff it up by "having sex too soon" issue. :-)
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    Divinity Generator/Natural Influence/ Money Love Master 72 Malls are Fun Current goal: Create better structure in my life, and to start taking down all my goals like clockwork! More Money,More Sex, and Immortality = King
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    Gain control over the sexual transmutation , can speed the regeneration and growth , physical and spiritual of the human being , because , semen, the energy substance contained in the testes of man and woman in sexual libido are energy thermo -hydro - electric - nuclear containing the potential profit to make us immortal in the flesh and spirit , but only if , remain within the physical body, such as uranium Earth that if remain inside nourishes and strengthens the core of Her! Tantra teaches just that, getting the perfect sexual union where the man and woman become one breath ecstatic that opens the door to ecstasy and to infinity , George please create an audio session to gain dominion over animal impulses and become a master sex tantric yoga , with phrases like " I am a master of tantric sex " " I never pour my sperm " " I do not fall and never give in to impulses animals " " I learned perfectly sexual transmutation " " I am a Yoga Sex master" and so on...
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    Hi George, Is it possible to make a video with affirmations on Health, Money, Job, Career, Confidence and Positive thinking all in on audio? Or is it better to separate them? Thanks Gekko
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    Hi guys, For me it was self image. I had very low esteem and I worked on this. Eventually i was really comfortable with myself, I began to have a flowing confidence. I even stopped chasing girls so relentlessly and thus I started getting attention from BOTH genders lol. Girls were stopping me on the street and i did'nt know how to handle it, it was so effortless. If you find your self attractive then the outside world will reflect this.
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    Good post. I agree with just about everything you said. Once I started listening to Hutton's seduction vids my intuition with everything seduction went up big time. I started noticing all those little clues girls drop and the way they say hi, they way they talk differently, etc. I was clueless the entire time and I think I missed out on a lot of fun! Lol. And I don't plan on lying/cheating on women or whatever. That messes them up too much and in turn creates a lower vibrational society. I don't want that, but I do like the idea of having sexual abundance... cause who doesn't?
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    Hi George, here are some video ideas: -Super speed -Be Laidback -Interview/exam anxiety -Super saiyan -Vertical leap -Perfect hygiene -Ninja -Wealthy friends -Endorphin release -Adrenaline Rush -Dream Girl -Dream Guy -Family Love