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  2. Ad142

    Cat-Like Reflexes

    AFFIRMATIONS: -I'm quick -I land on my feet -I'm light on my feet -I can move around easily -You can move around easily -You can jump on & off things -I can jump on & off things -You have great body control -I have great body control -You're smooth -I'm smooth
  3. Ad142

    Enjoy being single

    Affirmations: -I love being single -I do not need a man -I do not need a woman -I know that the right person will arrive sooner or later -You know that the right person will arrive sooner or later -I am free -I am liberated -You're in happiness -You're happy even though you're not in a relationship -You love yourself -I love others -I do not get jealous seeing others in relationships -I'm happy seeing others in relationships -I'm a free spirit -I'm not angry seeing others in relationships -You're happy with where you're at in life
  4. Ad142

    Martial Arts Master

    I'm back Affirmations: -Your kicks are powerful. -Your kicks are fast -You have the stamina of a horse. -I have the reflexes of a cat -I am calm -You are focused -I am focused -I can take on several opponents at once -You can adapt to any fight -I can adapt to any fight -Your punches are fast -Your punches are powerful -People are intimidated by you -People lose against you -I fight for the right reasons.
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  6. Hi! I'm winging it here. I'm pretty sure someone with George's expertise can put it together properly, but I came up with some ideas and know the wordings need to be changed etc .... I just want something to emphasize always looking ones best (hair, makeup, nails, well groomed, and presentable always) because first impressions matter and self love is the key. That can be another one . "I love myself so much. I am always well groomed and looking neat". Well something like that. I'm just brainstorming here to help with some new ideas. LOL. Also it doesn't have to be called DIva or have anything I worded the way I wrote it either. Thanks! Namaste' I am a diva. I always look well put and well made. I stand out from the crowd. I stand out from all the rest. My finger and toe nails are always well painted. My hair and makeup are always in tact. I shine no matter where I go or do. I glow like a superstar. I have excellent posture. I am brilliant. Everyone wants to be me. I am fabulous. I am one of a kind and unique. I always look presentable whether I am at home alone, running errands, on the street, or at work. No matter where I am or where I go, with who I am or not, I always look my best. I even look my best when I am alone. I always look ready to go out and tackle the world. I am always ready for an invitation. I look like a celebrity. I am an over night sensation. Everybody loves me and wants to be like me . I am a superstar. I glow. I shine. It's fun to be me. I always come up with the best ideas. I always look my best. My hair and nails and make up are always in tact. I always look clean, refreshed, organized, and presentable. I always smell good. My teeth and gums are always clean, healthy, white, and shiny. I have a great smile. I never look a mess or sloppy. I always look good, super cool , and super hot. Everyone wants to have a body like mine. I have a hot looking hourglass figure body. I have a small waist and flat abs. I have nice curves. I have no cellulite. I have no love handles. My body looks even better than a famous celebrities body. I am beautiful. I am attractive. Where ever I go I always look classy. Everyone wants to meet me and be by friend. Everyone celebrates me. I am the center of attention where ever I go . I am loved. I am appreciated by all. Everyone wants to be my friend. People like that I always look presentable and fresh and so clean. People like it that my appearance is always on spot and that I always look neat. I inspire others to always look their best as well. I always look well put together. People think I am famous. Everyone always wants to accommodate me. I keep a healthy diet. I drink plenty of water. I get plenty of rest and sleep. My life is organized. I am self disciplined. Everything in my life is good. I have it together and always look my best. I motivate others to love themselves as well and look/be like me. etc....
  7. Lady D

    The Perfect Bandmates

    Hi could you create some type of subliminal that will help attract the perfect musicians/bandmates with the same artistic goals and genre tastes. It is so hard meeting and connecting to people and finding people who take things seriously, that are truly dedicated and you can actually get along with. Thank you!
  8. Lady D

    Waist Training

    Could you make a video for waist training ? To be consistent, motivated, and disciplined in using a corset or any type of vest, ab belt, and any other names there are for it out there. They are so uncomfortable, but the truth is they seem to work and help reduce belly fat and help mold the waist and abdomen to create and help maintain a smaller mid section and create the "perfect hour glass body". Thanks!
  9. Hi can we get an upgraded version for drinking water? I just found the water power subliminal and read the affirmations. I think it needs some more emphasis. Thank you for your attention!
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  11. Alex777

    Success with Women -- feeling complete

    Wow! ... so it can be done! I am very glad to hear about your massive progress and success with women... My situation regarding women is....................... a disaster! No sex for months at a time, masturbating 1+ times / day... and when a girl sees me... when I walk in the city or taking the bus... some of them show subconscious submission signals that they want to be approached... but I freeze in panic and then look the other way or pretend to ignore them having <0 friends, little social life, very shy/timid, stupid etc... so.... I hope there's a way out for this poor fella, too.......... please, help!!! I'm desperate! I need to change this fast.... so... what type of audio hypnosis would be helpful?
  12. admin

    Tongue Fu

    Yes, this one is Kindle only.
  13. Axilleas


  14. Man,i used Kundalini activator in the past and it was frightening.I stop it because i was seeing and feel creepy stuff.
  15. Axilleas

    Tongue Fu

    Good afternoon Mr.Hutton from Greece, This one is only a kindle version?
  16. richierich

    New Affiliate Program

    Regarding Paypal: i wanted to get paid via paypal too but i live in one of those countries listed → Can I get paid via PayPal? No If you live in: The United Kingdom The United States Canada Australia The answer is NO. You can only be paid via direct deposit. Yes If you live outside of the countries above, yes. You can only be paid out via PayPal. Can I be paid via Payoneer instead? No. Wire transfer?
  17. richierich

    How To Talk To Girls

    hah i like that push-up analogy!
  18. admin

    How To Talk To Girls

    Consider this idea: If you close anybody, you still benefit. Having a memory of 100's of closes (good and bad) will make closing easier. Having a memory of even 100's of failed closes will signficiantly give you a much more attractive "energy" as you won't be very nervous or worried. Think of closing like doing pushups. They are no fun, and you're glad when you're done. But if you make it a habit, you'll get in pretty good shape. If you see talking to and closing girls like exercise for your "attraction energy" it's not that much different than doing pushups. Pretty soon even getting rejected over and over will be fun, just like jogging is enjoyable after the first few minutes. Talking to girls = exercising your confidence Doing pushups = exercising your body results are irrelevant
  19. where do you live @Athena? Toronto?
  20. richierich

    Fear of Emotional Pain

    hey doodes, Manifest Women makes things easier! but don't get caught up in one single girl... i think that's the problem, when you are fixated with just one girl...the truth is girls will drop you like a hot potato if they feel that she's your only source of happiness. I used to do well with girls & had high quality women who treated me like a king. interesting fact though is all of them were Europeans, one Italian, One German and a very sweet Danish girl however things changed after having a toxic relationship with this Irish girl and cohabiting with her for almost two years NOW i learned my lesson to never do that again as i literally lost my chick magnet status right after that.. But i'm improving now slowly with the help of the Manifest Women, girls are checking me out. I've been picked up by two attractive gyals twice in the last 5months in two different occassions. HOWEVER, i didn't have game during those times... I think i was off...but it's getting better. Subliminals do wonders...it's just a matter of practicing i guess & now i'm hoping to delve into multiple dating so i can have the time of my life... WOMEN ARE AMAZING...once you get the good ones...nothing beats being treated like a king by a very beautiful women with a wild outlandish thinking...& sex is just part of the perks.
  21. richierich

    How To Talk To Girls

    cool yes i understand. I think i just hold back for taking the plunge for closing if i feel that she's not head over heels about me. i don't know why...possibly fear of rejection or fear of not being smothered and having to to do most of the work. (i had good girls back then) but hey i bought your Manifest Women a couple of months back and it does wonders every time i use it even just for one day (girls are checking me out & smiling at me more) . I feel that i gotta have to try using it more frequently for consecutive days to improve my risk-taking behaviours. anyway thanks for the response. I will sign up for an affiliate soon when i start getting solid results and will start blogging about it more power to you George!
  22. admin

    How To Talk To Girls

    There are examples in the post about how to set anchors. The things you say to her are based on what she says to you. It's much better to actually go out, talk to girls, remember what they said, and then practice using THAT. Using your own experiences are a million times better than reading hypothetical examples. Your communication skills are highly dependent on your willingness to practice them while communicating with others.
  23. richierich

    How To Talk To Girls

    if you can give an example in a dialog form that would be awesome.. cheers
  24. richierich

    How To Talk To Girls

    hey George! can you please give a hypothetical example for Step 6 & 7? I couldn't seem to grasp it. what is the anchor? how would i use it in the conversation? and how do then I transfer it to self point? is Self-pointing a gesture in which you use you position your hands to your chest? sorry i just can't picture or imagine exactly what's going on in step 6 & 7... thank you so much in advance
  25. laura89

    Spider's (Journal)

    Welcome Spider! 😃 I was skeptic at first, but I've had some things happen that I have no other explaination for, but using subliminals. I find keeping a journal on my phone or ipod helps me see how much affect the subliminal is having on my life, it's fun to read it back after a few weeks and see where the amazing changes started to happen. I've found that some subliminals work instantly and some take a few days/weeks. Not sure why that is, but don't be discouraged if you don't get results right away, some take upto 3 months to work fully. Visualisation can speed up the process, you want to imagine things as if they are happening right now, keep your visualisation positive and let doubts go without judgement or thinking about them. Think as if you already have what you want, exactly as you want it now. You might get some signs from the universe to help you reach your goal, you might be drawn to a book, person, place etc... That leads you to your goal. Good luck! Looking forward to reading your updates!
  26. Spider

    Spider's (Journal)

    Hi everyone! Im new here ~ I have been going through a tough phase in life and understood that I needed to re-wire my brain. Happened to bump into this website and was reading most of the success stories shared in the website. I still am skeptical about some of the stories because it just sounds unbelievable. Either way I intend to try it out myself, so I bought the limitless subliminal. Please share what are some tips for a beginner like me who have no clue on what to expect and what I need to take note during my sessions. I hope to update on a weekly/monthly basis on my progress. Regards, Spider
  27. gema

    Audio ExBoyFriend Back

    thanks let me know if some tip work for you
  28. gema

    Audio ExBoyFriend Back

    thanks! i will
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