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  2. Imagine if you lived on a planet where nobody knew anything about exercise. Maybe they'd been in a post industrial, post information society for a few thousand years. And for some reason, all the records of exercise and the affect of physical movement on the body had vanished from the historical records. Imagine further they thought that being tall was like being strong. You were either tall or short. You were either strong or not. You could either run a long ways without getting winded or you couldn't. And then you came along. And calmly explained that if you did pushups every morning, you could increase your strength. If you went jogging every morning, you could increase your endurance. And if you did enough of this strange "exercise" you'd have a pretty impressive body. You would be hailed as a genius. A leader. Somebody WAY ahead of their time. Sadly, this is the world we DO live in. Only it's not exercise that's been kept form us, it's learning. Most of us associate "learning" with school. Boring subjects, boring teachers, and less than ideal surroundings. So as adults, when we think of needing to "learn" something, it's almost as if we need to give a speech, or walk across a tightrope above a pit of hungry alligators. But the truth is learning (strengthening your brain) is just as straightforward as doing pushups or jogging. In fact, most advances in human history were made by natural learners who used their natural creativity. Only in the last couple hundred years did schools become "factories to build factory workers." Once you realize how to RE-Remember your natural learner, thinking of learning something complicated will be just like imagining getting in shape. Most people get excited when they imagine getting in shape. They imagine a much healthier and more attractive self. This is the way humans are MEANT to think about improvement. We imagine having the improvement, it makes us feel good, and that good feeling motivates us to get it done. When you apply this to learning (imagining being able to do whatever it is you'd like to do) AND realize that learning is not only EASY, but you can do it without having to sit in a boring classroom, the future looks MUCH brighter. Click Here To Learn More
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  5. The Cleaner Strategy

    Coming up with creative solutions can help in any environment. But just the name, "creative solutions" sounds like a pretty specific job. Meaning you might be stuck in a corner office in some R&D divisions, and people only call you whenever they've got an issue that needs fixing. Kind of like the "cleaners" in those mobster movies. The guy they call when stuff has gone way off the rails. The dude shows up, deals with the bodies, fixes everything, and then gets back to his mobster lifestyle. But in reality, we ALL have to come up with "creative solutions" on a regular basis. Every single second of your existence involves you looking out into your future, and trying to make the best decision possible. However, since most people spend their entire lives AVOIDING any kind of risk and uncertainty, the idea of "solving problems" seems foreign. The biggest problem they might have is how to pay for dinner. But the BIGGER you build your life, the more "problems" you'll "solve." But they won't be problems, they'll be opportunities. Now, that sounds really lame, I know. "They're not problems, they're opportunities!" is one of the most OVERUSED phrases in any kind of "self development." Instead, think of your life like Tetris. The future is always coming at you, whether you like it or not. Most people find a place where they SAME STUFF keeps coming at them. But if you PURPOSELY and CONSCIOUSLY move toward areas where more COMPLICATED stuff is coming at you, you can build much better things. And the cool thing is, the better you get at handling the more complicated stuff, the more complicated stuff you'll be able to handle. Over in the corner where it's safe (and the only thing coming is the same day at work, same shows on TV, same conversations with the same people), life is VERY BORING. And when it's over, it's over. On the other hand, if you slowly position yourself where more and more complicated stuff is coming (different types of skills for different types of jobs, different conversations with different people, different hobbies) life will continue to get BETTER. Every day is an opportunity to become a CLEANER. A FIXER. To handle the stuff that others are too scared to. Keeping learning more, and keep doing more. Click Here To Learn More
  6. Self Hypnosis

    Very powerful, free, and easy to do. Learn How: (comments appreciated) https://mindpersuasion.com/self-hypnosis/
  7. Your Mental Pocket Knife

    When I was a kid I wanted a Swiss Army Knife. The kind that has all kinds of tools. Now they've got all kinds of hidden utility devices. Like a small piece of plastic that looks like a credit card, (and sits in your wallet next to all your other credit cards) but is a handy tool in case of emergencies. Batman is known for having all kinds of bat-tools in his bat-utility belt. A "truism" from NLP is that flexibility is the greatest strength. Whoever can do things more ways, will generally be the one to get it done. If you only know one way, when you're stuck, you're stuck. Luckily for us humans, our main "selling point" as animals was our flexibility. This first showed up as a sexual division of labor. Men hunted (protein and fat) and women gathered (fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates). And because we humans are pretty flexible in what we can eat (omnivores) we spread out all over the place. Compared to every other animal who is stuck in their own preferred habitat. Try switching penguins and monkeys and see what happens! But we humans can THRIVE anywhere. Our ultimate "utility tool" is our brain. If we don't know how to do something, we'll figure out a way. How many other animals have invented microwavable burritos? On an individual level, the more flexibly you can use your brain, the better of a life you'll have. Especially if you learn how to learn. Most people go through school, learn a few skills, and then that's that. If they're lucky, they'll get a job that won't disappear. If they're even luckier, they'll get continuous "on the job training." But why depend on luck? Learning how to learn is pretty simple. Since that's pretty much one of our main skills. Learning new things. And once you RE-DISCOVER your "natural learner" then you can classify EVERY SKILL into two distinct categories. Stuff you know how to do, and stuff you haven't learned yet. Click Here To Learn More
  8. There are a lot of expressions involving the stock market. One is "I got rich because I never bought at the bottom, and I always sold too soon." Meaning that if you try to "hit it out of the park" with every trade, you may risk losing everything. While taking short, consistent profits (never buy at the bottom, always sell too soon) over an extended period is a great way to make a fortune. Another one is to "sell down to the sleeping point." Which means if you can't sleep, you have too much risk. Risk is necessary, but if you can't sleep, you've got too much. Another famous line is, "the best time to buy is when there is blood in the streets." What does this mean? Well, consider there are two kinds of traders. Those who trade on emotion, and those who trade on logic. "Blood in the streets," means that everything is crashing, and everybody is panicking. Which means if you follow logic, you can find some VERY undervalued stocks. Why all of these stock market metaphors? The world economy is in a very dangerous transition phase. Kind of like when there is "blood on the streets." Not much is working like it used to be. And if you try and survive using methods that used to work, you may be in for a surprise. When the car was invented, a lot of horse and buggy companies went out of business. When the Internet was invented, a lot of newspapers vanished. Those that cling to the old ways don't usually do so well. But those that are mentally flexible, able to think "outside the box" and look for opportunities may find them EVERYWHERE. But you've got to not only actively seek them, but know HOW to take advantage of them. Nobody is going to show you how. The better you can "think," the more things you can learn (and learn on the fly, not sitting in a classroom) the more opportunities you'll see. After all, all those stone cold players who bought when there was blood in the streets made HUGE FORTUNES. Click Here To Learn More
  9. They say you can never step in the same river twice. The water is always flowing. The bottom is always moving, the banks are always shifting. Even the "you" that is stepping in this metaphorical river is never the same. Every time you breathe in and out, you are exchanging molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Every time you eat you are taking the protein from the food and using it to rebuild your body. You might even go so far as to say you can't even think the same thought twice. If you view part of you, the thinking part of you, which is always updating its database based on everything you're always perceiving around you, every time you think a thought, it's from a slightly different viewpoint. Of course, if you do the same things every day, interact with the same people, those thoughts are going to be pretty much the same. But what if you are continuously and PURPOSELY updating your frame of reference? If you're walking a long a flat road, the scenery will only slowly change. But if you're walking up a mountain, every time you stop and take a look, it will look VERY different. The higher up you go, the more you'll be able to see. You'll get a bigger picture of where you were ten minutes ago, vs where you were a couple of hours ago. But if you're walking on a flat road, that difference (ten minutes vs. a couple of hours) won't even be noticeable. The same goes with what you do on a daily basis. How you spend your "free" time. If you just "spend" time, instead of investing time, you won't see much of a difference. But if you invest your time wisely, every time you stop and take a look where you've been (your present location vs. a year or so ago) it will look VERY different. And this is the continuous forward momentum that can add up a HUGE difference over the course of your life. Your mind is your most precious resource. Do you spend time, or do you invest time? Spending time is easy. Anybody can do it. What will you do? Click Here To Learn More
  10. What Is Ego?

    All secrets revealed... https://mindpersuasion.com/what-is-ego/
  11. All humans are programmed to keep going forward. Given our modern lives, it's hard to notice this. But the reason we humans spread out all over the world was because we have descended from ancient humans who had a never-ending drive to keep discovering more stuff. Even if we're sitting at home, watching TV, it's impossible NOT to keep moving forward. Only we don't really experience it as moving "forward." We are always shifting how we sit, what we are thinking of, and if what we are looking at (on our devices or screens or TV) doesn't keep our interest, we NEED to keep shifting. Just to see how nearly impossible it is to NOT keep shifting, try sitting in a quiet room, looking straight ahead for ten or twenty minutes. Sit as quietly as you can, and try to not even move your eyeballs. This is EXTREMELY difficult for most people. In a sense, we are kind of like sharks. Sharks can't sit still. They have to keep moving. But when we humans keep moving, it's usually in circles. Couch to kitchen to couch to bathroom to couch to bedroom to couch, and on and on. Or work and home and work and home and work and home. We STILL have that ancient drive within us. To keep going over new and undiscovered terrain. Which is precisely why we can feel STAGNANT if we keep going round in circles. Couch to kitchen or home to work. What's the answer? Sell your things and become a nomad? That's one way. But you DO need to eat. And you DO need to pay for stuff. So unless you've got a fat bank account, and you happen to only go nomadding near ATM machines, you've got to think of another plan. One is to keep LEARNING new things. Interesting things. Challenging things. This can do a LOT of things at once. You'll be learning more skills, so you'll be worth more money. You'll have a real feeling of forward momentum, so you won't feel stagnant or stuck. AND your brain will stay in shape a lot longer. And you may even find you have skills you've never even thought about before. Click Here To Learn More
  12. Once I went on a bike ride with a buddy of mine. It was a last minute plan, so he used my old bike. After a few miles, we both wondered why he was huffing and puffing so much. We were both in more or less the same shape. When we'd go jogging together, we'd always kept the same pace. So it was puzzling why he was having such a hard time. Then we decided to check the bikes. He had a brake that was stuck slightly. Not enough to notice right away, but just enough to make him pedal a little bit harder. Once loosened up his brakes, he quickly went ahead. He's been struggling to keep up, and with his brakes released, he used the same effort and pretty much blew me away. I was struggling to keep up with him for the rest of the ride. Once my brother and I were going on a backpacking trip. We were excited to find this basin that had a bunch of lakes, and supposedly some really good fishing. Since we were so focused on the destination, we kind of forgot about the path. Pretty much as soon as we left the car at the trail head parking lot, it was pure switchbacks. Really steep trails that cris-cross the face of a really steep mountain. Needless to say, our excitement didn't last very long. We eventually made it, but both of us were kind of disappointed, AND embarrassed. Lots of people want the good stuff, but they don't want to do the stuff that is required to GET to the good stuff. For example, many people would love to play an instrument, but they don't really want to take the time to learn. Many people would love to speak a foreign language, it's the learning part that trips them up. Luckily, the way most people learn is the way my friend was huffing and puffing behind me on that bike trip. There's some extra drag that they don't know about. And when they release the brakes, and find out how EASY it can be to learn new stuff, they can sprint out ahead of everybody else. What do YOU want to learn? Click Here To Learn How
  13. Well one of George's affiliates "Raunchy Subliminals" uses silent subliminals on his you tube channel .. I dont trust him .. I have my reasons
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  15. Lucid (Journal II)

    This week was better. Not a smooth ride but better. Emotionally I feel much better. In terms of being productive--oh HELL yeah it's gone way up. George's words really struck a chord and taking things bit by bit really helped out. My angle was much more in line with listening to what my focus could handle in the day. And in turn actually getting things done makes me want to get more things done. If I fell off track or didn't get something done--no sweats. But factoring breaks and work within reason has seriously helped. I feel more rested and relaxed. By no means am I where I'd like to be but this week has definitely been a start. Charisma Journal My headphones broke..so..now I'm not listening to the tracks for now. I've actually been off of them for a while if only to make some other things priority. Either that or I didn't have time. Haven't been reading the books recently either--I've been busy. But I'll definitely be getting back into it this weekend. Charisma aside I noticed something about people today. Even though you may not be talking to them, everyone you pass is an opportunity to have some for of energetic communication with--which opens the chance up for charisma to pour through. Interesting. It's your eyes, stance, scent--anything. Even if it's just strong intent. I looked at someone in the eyes while they were walking by me and I swear I could feel some sort of message through their gaze. Like their conscious acknowledgement. Can't quite describe it but for some reason I've been more open to become aware of the energetic conversations we have with the nature around us. And the more present we become (and conscious), the more this becomes clearer. I must admit..the Charisma Generator tracks seem like some sort of steroid drug to my charisma. Once I've stopped for a while, I noticed I don't feel quite as charismatic. Strange. I wonder why that is. Probably because the habits in the tracks haven't settled in yet, and my conscious focus towards being charismatic has been on the back burner recently. Certainly something to keep in mind--especially with habit forming. You've got to be consistent and keep the ball rolling. Note taken. Ill get it rolling again soon. Recently a girl told me "your voice is the kind that I can masturbate to." She was being totally serious too. We were on the phone talking for about 2 hours and for the first thirty minutes it was almost ALL about how much she wanted it. Mind you I dont think I used any conscious hypnosis techniques...or anything. It just happened. AND SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND TOO. Oh my..Lucid. Such a playboy. A part of me wants to be confused because I personally dislike the sound of my own voice, but people tend to love it to much. I can't really say dislike in the present--since I've come so far along with my self-acceptance journey that those words don't accurately apply to me. But yeah. That did actually happen. So, in terms of being productive.. After switching my thoughts about work and training..I also had a fire of passion again. Did I get to do much training this week? No not really. I was floored trying to finish my paper work for getting into university. (I did get accepted though, so yay!) Besides that I take extra classes. But that's neither here nor there. The big PLUS to me was that I was always thinking ABOUT training and when I was, I was excited and giddy for any opportunity to get to it. Sometimes I rested instead. Sometimes I procrastinated too. Sometimes I worked on my craft. Other times I worked on my paper work or assignments. But this is most definitely movement forward, and I feel great about that.
  16. If somebody gave you a million dollars to do 500 pushups, do you think you'd be able to do it? What if you had six months to prepare? The only stipulation was that in six months time, you had to be able to knock out 500 pushups without stopping. Would you do it? Could you do it? For a million bucks, most people would find a way. What about a year, and 1000 pushups? Again, most people would figure out a way. But what about two years, and a 100,000 pushups? That would be questionable. Because the human body has limits. Even if you did two pushups a second, 100K pushups would take more than twelve hours. The limits of the human body are ALWAYS being tested. They have ultra-marathons, long races through the desert. People swim across the English Channel or other long distances. People risk their lives (some dying) to climb Everest. You don't have to look very hard to find stories of people pushing their PHYSICAL limits. But what about our mental limits? It seems like whenever we hear any kind of story of super-human genius, it's about some little kid. Maybe a five year old scores a perfect IQ test (Which for some strange reason has an upper limit). Or some ten year old has three degrees. Any kind of great accomplishment of the mind is always attributed to some "genetic" gift. As if some people are "smart" and other people are "not so smart." Like some people "know stuff" and other people "don't know stuff." And the people that "don't know stuff" should just sit back, be quiet and let the people who "know stuff" make all the decisions. But what if the brain is JUST LIKE the body, in that you can make it stronger, faster, more flexible? And what if, unlike the body, the mind has NO LIMITS to how much you can strengthen it? There have been plenty of stories of people pushing their physical bodies past their limits. But there are ZERO stories of people pushing their mental capacity past their limit. There're no stories of ultra-smart scientists who've had to retire because their brains became full. That would be just silly. But what's just as silly is the really inefficient way we've all been "trained" to use our brains. In reality, you have MUCH MORE mental potential then you realize. Learn For Yourself: Click Here To Learn More
  17. Guns or Shovels?

    There's a famous line from an old Clint Eastwood movie. It's at the very end, when they are just about to find the gold they've been looking for. There were three of them, and Clint's character (the famous "man with no name") killed one of them, leaving two. That's when The Man With No Name said the famous line: "There are two kinds of people in this world. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig." And then Clint (and his loaded gun) sat back while the other guy dug. You might say this is a pretty good metaphor for how societies have been run since the dawn of time. There's the ruling class (those with loaded guns) and then everybody else, that does all the work (those who dig). This situation has also been described as "might makes right." Meaning whoever has the most power gets to make the rules. Also known as the "other" Golden Rule: "He who has the gold, makes the rules." It's also how most people attempt to persuade others. They more or less FORCE their ideas on other people. It's like a willpower contest, whoever gives in first has to go along with the other person's idea. It's the EXACT same strategy children use. They scream and cry and stamp their feet until they get their way. Unfortunately, most "persuaders" use the SAME strategy. Sure, they don't cry and stamp their feet, but the overall structure is the same. They keep repeating the same point (maybe in different ways) over and over until the other person finally accepts it. Next time you're hanging out with your friends, listen for the STRUCTURE of any arguments that pop up. Chances are they are using the "might makes right" strategy. Each person keeps repeating their point over and over until somebody gives up. Sure, this technique will work, especially if you are a naturally charismatic, "high powered" person. If you're not, it takes a lot of energy and a VERY thick skin. Luckily, there's another way. A much easier way. A much more effective way. It doesn't even require your ideas AT ALL. It just involves pulling THEIR ideas out until they are SO BIG and SO BRIGHT that everything the other person sees, they see through their own desires. Their own wants and needs that YOU have helped them to describe in their own words. And when they look through THEIR own desires, EVERYTHING looks good. Including you. Click Here To Learn More
  18. How To Make Fast Friends

    When I was a kid I was in boy scouts. We did a lot of camping, which was pretty fun. Once we camped at a state beach. Had a big bonfire at night. There was this new kid that was overly worried about fitting in. At one point, he was promising to buy people things if we'd be his friend. Even as a kid that felt kind of weird to hear somebody beg for friendship like that. They say if you want to make friends, you have to "be a friend." Sounds kind of good, but what does that mean EXACTLY? Obviously that boy scout kid thought it meant buying people stuff. Making friends is tough. The reason we like our friends is we don't have to BE a certain way. We can just hang out and do whatever. Not like eating dinner at your girlfriend's parent's house, (for the first time) where you have to be ultra careful about what you say. Dale Carnegie taught that being genuinely interested in other people is the path to friendship. Again, a decent sounding piece of advice, but how EXACTLY do you "become interested" in somebody, or even something? If we humans could just flip a "be interested" switch in our brains, school wouldn't suck so bad. We'd find some old lady talking about the rules of grammar the most fascinating thing on Earth! You could even flip on your "become interested" switch and have fun staring at a wall! Think of they money you'd save! Seriously, though, Carnegie was onto something. Most people ARE interesting, at least if you give them have a chance. But if you walk up to a stranger and demand they start telling you some interesting stories, it might not work out so well. What's a better way? To dig for treasure. Make it a point to FIND interesting things about them. Here's a secret of people. Most people will become animated, enthusiastic and INTERESTING when they start talking about the things they are really passionate about. How do you find out? Ask them! Ask them what they want. Ask them about their ideal situation with regards to what they want. And as you start to find them more interesting, something interesting will happen. They'll see YOU differently than everybody else. They'll see YOU as much more interesting than everybody else. Everybody else usually talks about themselves. Their own wants. Their own opinions. So when you start talking about them, the THEIR wants, not only will they become animated, but you'll make a quick friend who will never forget you. Learn How: Click Here To Learn How
  19. Frame Control Secrets

    Daily exercises to build unbreakable frame strength. https://mindpersuasion.com/frame-control-exercises/
  20. One thing that can get in the way of progress is the "shiny new object" syndrome. For example, let's say you started a weight loss or exercise plan. You were going pretty good for a couple weeks. Let's say you started walking every day. Pretty soon you were ready to start jogging. So you decided to go and buy some new running shoes. While you were at the sporting goods store, you bought a bunch of other stuff. Pretty soon you're more interested in "buying running stuff" than actually running every day. Maybe even putting off training until you got the "right" equipment. Or maybe you wanted to start a business. So you bought a couple of business books. But then you decided to maybe go to a seminar. Pretty soon you bought every kind of business "thing" you could find. You were telling yourself that you were "learning" about business. You didn't want to start until you "really understood" the business concept. But in reality, you were really just using that as an excuse, to avoid starting. Since starting any business, for anybody, is pretty scary. Now, is the "shiny new object" syndrome a BAD trait? In the above examples, yes. But it can also be a MASSIVE benefit. How? You can use that same desire (something new) to keep getting more and more success. You might even say that this trait, of always wanting or striving for "new" things is behind EVERY INVENTION humans have ever created. Sure, it can misfire, as in the above examples, but it's the same thing that drives all progress. And you can't shut it off. It's why we humans are ALWAYS dreaming of a better future, no matter where we are, or what we've accomplished. It's also one of the reasons why some of the guys who walked on the moon had serous problems when they came back. Walking on the moon made it pretty hard to dream of bigger and better things. It's a benefit to recognize and cultivate this trait within yourself AND within others. It all starts with the question: What do you want? Try this out with your friends or family next time you're just "hanging out." Forget about your own desires for a bit. Also turn off the part of you that judges others, (good or bad). And ask them: What do you want? And keep expanding on their desires. Get them out into the future a couple of years, describing a detail picture of their ideal future. If you make it a habit of talking to people like this, they'll NEVER forget you. Click Here To Learn More
  21. Ten Inch Penis

    purchase ten inch, start tomorrow. Will let know the results. Hopefully positive
  22. A long time ago I used to sell cars. Most guys that sell cars pride themselves in how "aggressive" they are. One thing (for car salesman) to be "proud" of is if they "switch" a customer. Meaning a person comes in looking for a blue car, and the car salesman (nearly always a salesman and not a saleswoman) convinces them not to buy a blue car, but buy a red car. That supposedly shows of how "powerful" of a salesperson they are. Car salesman (again, mostly men) would joke in the break room about how "powerful" they were, etc. Very confrontational. Mostly bluff. Kind of like goofs on the internet talking about how many gorgeous ladies they lay while in real life they're terrified to talk to a girl that smiles in their direction. Why do most salespeople act this way? The same way baby tigers "play fight" with each other. To get ready for the REAL BATTLE. Unfortunately this is how most sales people, seducers or anybody interested in any kind of persuasion view these kinds of transactions. Battles. Fights. Contests. My ego vs. their ego. My willpower vs. their willpower. My ability to "overcome" their "objections." Like they're in a cage fight or something. This is why "selling" creates a lot of anxiety in both sales person and customer. This is why most people HATE salespeople. At it's very core, all communications is rooted in persuasion. The only reason we EVER talk to somebody else is partially to CHANGE their behavior. Either get them to do something (even if it's to laugh at our joke), or get them to leave us alone. Sure, it's possible. But it requires you take YOUR IDEAS and get them into THEIR MIND. Try this out next time you're watching your friends are having a conversation: See it as an "idea contest" to see whose "ideas" get into the most brains. Luckily, there is a much easier way. It requires that you SHUT OFF your ideas completely. This is much harder than it sounds. Our egos are ultra slippery. They have a habit of popping up without us noticing. But if you can manage to turn off your ideas, your opinions, your suggestions LONG ENOUGH, an amazing thing will happen. THEIR (the person you are speaking) ideas will EXPLODE like fourth of July fireworks. They'll be like a little kid that was let loose in the candy store. Everything looks good, including YOU. Click Here To Learn How
  23. There's an old saying that goes, "progress is astonishing when you forget about who gets the credit," or something like that. Meaning if you've got a bunch of people working on a project, one thing that can "clutter things up" is when everybody starts to get attached to their own idea. It could be an issue at work, where you're trying to develop a new product, or you could be trying to figure out what to do on the weekend with your buddies. Generally speaking, the more people you've got, the longer it takes to make a decision. On the one hand everybody's got their "pet idea" that they want everybody to agree to. On the other hand, nobody wants to do ANYTHING unless they're sure they won't get in trouble if it doesn't work. Few people will stand up and say, "Let's do this. I'm sure it will work. I take full responsibility if it doesn't." Most people like to have their cake and eat it to, so to speak. Meaning they want to be able to take credit for coming up with the brilliant idea that solves everything, but they also want everybody else to agree with it. So if it works, they can say, "Yep, it was MY idea!" But if it doesn't work, they can say, "Well, we all agreed, we gave it our best shot." I know a guy who's got two VERY VALUABLE skills. One is he is a genius electrical engineer. Two is that he can make decisions, especially when nobody else can. And with those two skills, he can make a ton of money at any modern company. Another very lucrative and useful skill to have is to LET OTHERS take all the credit. When you're in a meeting, this won't do much good. (Other than make those long boring meetings over a lot more quickly). But if you're in a one on one situation (job interview, sales presentation, first date) and you turn off your need to "take credit" it's amazing how much the other person will open up. It's almost as if we have a sixth sense, where we can feel when the other person is about to pounce on us, and tell us why THEIR idea is better than OUR idea. But when you REMOVE this common human tendency, and ask the right questions, people will be flabbergasted. Not only will they, for likely the FIRST TIME, be expressing their deep desires in absolute detail, but they'll automatically and subconsciously associate those deep desires with YOU. Think THAT can come in handy? Click Here To Learn How
  24. Ten exercises to destroy it and replace it with a much more positive idea, that attractive people are safe and fun to talk to. https://mindpersuasion.com/ten-easy-exercises-to-obliterate-approach-anxiety/
  25. Lucid (Journal II)

    This week was ROUGH. Weird Dream Journal First of all I've been having weird ass dreams, particularly with snakes involved. Which is getting a bit..strange. At first I saw dead snake, must've been gray and about 20 feet in length. Me and my friends were afraid and couldn't tell if it was alive or not. It must have been freshly killed, because it was chopped into multiple pieces and piled on top of itself. When it was poked it started wiggling and moving, as if the nerves hadn't died all the way out yet. So I poked it and moved its head, revealing tons of ants and maggots that were eating the underside of its head. Creepy. The next dream I had was that my brother (he's in the military) died. OR well, my mother thought it'd be a funny joke to make us think he died. I got pissed in-dream. And somewhere in that dream I remember someone handing me a small snake (like a milk snake?) for me to hold before I woke up. I didn't wake up scared, I just naturally woke up. So..super vivid dreams as of late. Lack of Sleep Quality & Caffeine Abuse So I've been trying to force myself to become more productive. 17 hours of college classes, my own schedule , volunteering, obligations and daily chore-related stuff. Right. So here comes me coking myself with caffeine to have enough energy to do so. And it worked. It was GREAT...for a few days. I noticed slowly throughout the week I became more and more negative...more and more somber..more and more depressed. And I also couldn't sleep well, even if that accounted for 7-8 hours. I'd wake up busted. By the way is it me or does caffeine work for about 3 hours before I'm sleepy again? I used to take two (rather large I guess?) cups. One before college. One after. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't shy away from a third if I needed to, but it needed to stop. Mainly because I felt in a full swing of extreme depression. I didn't hit an emotional rut like that in quite a long while. I'm pretty sure I wasn't eating all too well either--I'm not sure. Needless to say I was a sleepy depressed mess with a higher-than-usual heart rate. L-a-m-e. I was a few cups away from actually screaming and throwing things because not only was I getting nothing done, I could look at other more productive people and boil with envy and lack-of-self-worth. I killed a puppy. Ahh, my favorite part.. I crashed on Thursday-Friday. I reached my peak..or low.. Harsh migraines, extreme hunger and thirst and so sleepy I couldn't actually concentrate for very long on any one topic. I think it was by Wednesday I cut my coffee routine out. It's Saturday night and I feel totally refreshed after staying in bed, eating my energy back, and drinking so much water I should basically be a fish. I am..never..ever..doing that again. Not worth it, and it ends up burning me out and doing less than more. So George gave me this metaphor and it really spoke to me. "Imagine your daily behaviors is a small puppy. If you force your puppy to run as fast as you think an adult puppy would run, you'd kill it, as most people do. But if you walked so slowly that the puppy could keep up, and let it get stronger naturally, eventually the puppy would be big dog, pulling you, and you would have to hold back. You'd be the dude in the park pulling with all his might so his dog wouldn't knock him over and drag him across the park. If you start slow enough, your daily habits will slowly be strong enough to give you more motivation, ideas, creativity than you know what to do with, pulling you forward." Jeez does that make sense. And now I have a reason for this pile of dead puppi--..nevermind. My Personal Struggles Going into this new week I'm going to do exactly that: cut my expectations in half and take incredibly small baby steps for about a month. I'm sure by the time 31 days pass I would've gotten into a rhythm to slowly notch the intensity up. Yes. It will take a while until I can grow the focus muscle to have a powerful routine that's embedded into my daily rhythm. Yes. It's going to take time before my practice routines have a) come back to where they were b.) surpass where I was before. Namely, it's been so long I'll need to relearn a few things and brush back up on some stuff. Getting into the rythmn and treating my creativity with seriousness is going to be a journey like it always was--and I won't get to where I am instantly. That's always been a part of my internal struggle. I want to lose weight NOW I want to fully develop my singing NOW I want to write #1 hit songs NOW I want to be a famous NOW I want my poetry to be read NOW Yeah. I'm from the instant-gratification age. And it hurts the most when I see my peers surpass me and get things I'd like before me, even though I know I'm talented and have got the chops to prove myself. They've just been working, and I haven't. Depression, drama, time..I don't know. But I'm putting it out into the universe that I have that problem. Procrastination, shyness, lack of self-esteem. Whatever your dark sides are--I know I saw mines this week. I've had these feelings for a long while but they truly culminated with all this stuff I've been through. Truly these days I've felt like I've seen my darkest self, and in turn potentially the darkness inside of everyone else. The part of us that eats away at us all. But today was my rest day. As an artist there's an important distinction between work and hobby. And often times I used art as a hobby and not a job. You know, waiting for when the moment hits and not setting up a ryhtmn to have a time for the moment to hit. Basically, a routine. And that's truly why I'm even in college--to expand my art and learn as much as I can. It speaks to how much I value my craft--my degree in creative writing isn't a conventional degree and I've made my mind up to be fully in it. It's my life purpose, and I do have value and talent to offer the world. It's weird how much we beat ourselves up, no matter how many people compliment us. How much we take it for granted and never expand on it because we become so closed off. So many people enjoy my writing, my voice and ideas. I have great mentors and friends with fantastic talents. It's been months since I felt this way because I've struggled with my own persona for so long, but this week makes me want to re-open my soul to people. Not only that, but to treat my art like a profitable craft and no longer a hobby. I'm fully into it now. Fuck getting it instantly. I'm here to grow as slowly as its required to achieve that bright light at the end. And I'll try my best to enjoy it as well. As a singer. As a songwriter. As a poet. As a producer. As a performer. As en entertainer. So yeah, I may have exploded this week. I may have 'failed' my 2017 goals. And I may have failed this week. And I may be lagging my goals behind for this semester. But none of that matters. This is a new start. I feel peaceful now. And I won't rush into anything. I've got my whole life to do this so, I'll take this slowly and peacefully. A peaceful explosion. That's what I'll call this. I'm on the road to accept myself.
  26. When people go on first dates, they hope to "click." If you've experienced this, it's pretty cool. Most of the time, though, it's like slowly peeling back the layers. Getting to know somebody over a long period of time. If you ask any female about a guy she's been dating for less than a month, unless there have been fireworks, she'll still be in the "deciding stage." Most of the time, under normal circumstances, it can take a while to feel comfortable enough to "open up" to somebody. So when you DO meet somebody that you automatically "click" with, it's pretty cool. What's happening during those rare events? On the one hand, you feel totally comfortable with one another. When two humans communicate, there are hundreds of variables, mostly unconscious. Some mesh well, some don't. This is normal. But when MOST of them mesh well, you get that instant feeling of deep connection. (Pro Tip: TALKING about an "instant connection" won't do squat!) Further, you each behave in a way that NATURALLY pushes each other's buttons, further intensifying the effect. This is what most ladies refer to as "love at first sight," when everything is happening like magic. But you CAN significantly increase the odds of this happening. And contrary to what most people think, it's NOT about saying or doing the RIGHT things. It's about NOT doing and NOT saying the WRONG things. Most people are pretty timid at first when it comes to sharing deep things about themselves. So that "click" feeling happens when both people feel the SAME about those deep things. But there is another way than hoping for random chance. It involves turning OFF your internal "judge." It involves REFRAINING from taking an "authoritative position." Most sales and persuasion techniques teach the opposite. They say you HAVE TO first get rapport, THEN you have to LEAD the other person. This DEFINES taking an authoritative position. Which means unless you have MASSIVE charisma, or they are REALLY submissive, trying to lead won't work. Which is why the opposite works so well. Shut off all inner judgment. Turn off that part of you that wants to shout out "ME TOO!" every time they talk about something interesting. You just sit back, be as neutral as possible, and keep asking them questions. And watch THEM light up like crazy. Click Here To Learn More
  27. When I was a kid I wasn't too fond of jigsaw puzzles. A few of my friends had them, and they sometimes wanted to build them, but I never really got into it. It was a cool concept, and it was fun to fit the pieces together, but I never had the patience. Once I'd found all the edges (the ones with the flat sides) I lost interest. It was the same with games like "twenty questions." Somebody thinks of something, and you have to ask the right question to guess what they are thinking. Usually on long car trips. Personally, I always enjoyed staring out the window and daydreaming. Trying to guess the ideas in somebody else's head is pretty tricky. I had this sales job a long time ago, and when me and my trainer came back, one of the managers asked me how it was. I said something like "interesting and eye opening." He nodded, smiled and said, "exciting and enlightening, huh?" I looked him and nodded. But the two words he used to describe the ideas in my head were much different than the ideas I used. This is a problem that happens you "paraphrase" somebody. Even though you THINK you are "matching" what they said, you run the risk of completely messing up what's in their head. It's one thing to "guess wrong" about the ideas that somebody has in their head. It's similar to picking up a jigsaw puzzle piece that LOOKS like a match, but doesn't quite fit. You can just keep trying until you get a fit. But when you try and OVERRIDE the ideas in other people's heads with your own, that can lead to disaster. Sure, if they're super passive, and they don't mind ditching their own ideas and taking yours, it can work. But if they'll do that, they'll be passive about everything else. It's a much more effective strategy to just ask questions to FIND OUT what the ideas are in their heads, instead of guessing. Not only will you find an EXACT match (since they'll be their ideas) but they'll appreciate you MUCH MORE than everybody else. Since few people take the time to understand. Most people try to override, or guess. And once you HAVE the exact ideas in their mind, that's just the beginning. Learn More: Click Here To Learn More
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