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  4. Increase Your Luckiness

    Why are some people luckier than others? To understand, we need to define what kind of luck we're talking about. If ten people are looking for one hidden item (at a party or whatever) whoever finds it will be "lucky." And if you repeat this "experiment" a kajillion times, the number of "lucky" people will average out, so long as some people aren't better "lookers" than others. But what about the kind of luck that involves catching lucky breaks? There's a pretty common idea of actors getting "discovered" in Hollywood were just minding their own business. But is that the way it REALLY went down? It's kind of hard to get discovered if your job is working in the middle of a huge cornfield. It's probably no accident that those "lucky" actors that got "discovered" were already in Hollywood working in places where they could increase the probability they would get "discovered." So there ARE ways to increase these "lucky" incidents. Imagine some actor who got "discovered." They weren't chosen just how they looked. They also got chosen because of how they behaved. The way the producers (or directors or whoever) took the way they WERE behaving, and imagined them behaving slightly differently in whatever movie they were making. On a much broader scale, if you want to "get the breaks" you need to make sure people see YOU as a potential person to GET the breaks. If you walk around with your hands in your pockets staring at the ground, you'll get passed over. If you walk with your shoulders back, and smile and make eye contact with as many people as you can, you'll INCREASE your odds. When hiring people for jobs, even technical jobs, one KEY element employers look for is how well you get along with others. Most problems we have will involve others. Either the "others" we are having problems with, or the "others" we'll need help from in solving the problems. The more easily you can put a positive "spin" on YOURSELF, the easier it will be WHENEVER you interact with others. Even better if you just be "yourself" if your true self is positive, friendly and can enjoy interacting with others when needed. Luckily, doing this from the inside out is pretty easy. Learn How: Stop Manipulation
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  6. There's a cool movie, loosely based on a true story, about a basketball coach. Successful guy (played by Samuel L. Jackson) takes over an inner city high school basketball team. And like most of these movies, he shows them not just how to be good basketball players, but to be good humans. Part of this process was while they were practicing, he'd get up close in their faces and ask, "What is your biggest fear?" Most of the time they didn't know what he was talking about. When one of the main turning points of the movie happened (the high school misfits all decided to be good students) they "answer" was revealed. The answer isn't really important (in the movie they lifted a quote from "A Course in Miracles"). But that question (what is your biggest fear) is ALWAYS on our mind. Why is it a question about our biggest fear and not the fear itself? Because our ego is very squirrely and clever. "It" is terrified that we may FIND our biggest fear, and then fix it. So it keeps our biggest fear well hidden. So while we always have a vague sense of anxiety in a lot of situations, we rarely know WHY. We just know that in some situations we feel a bit uneasy. Since we are biological organisms in a physical world, it doesn't help to give metaphysical meaning to this if we want to FIX IT. (That quote from the "Course in Miracles" sounds pretty cool, but what the heck do you do with it?) Imagine a bunch of cavemen out wandering through the jungle. Their subconscious instincts were ALWAYS on high alert. Scanning the area for danger. So when there was MORE chance of danger than food or safety, their subconscious took all that data (that indicated danger MIGHT be close) and translated it into an uneasy feeling that said, "get the heck out of here." This was all based on probability, not certainty. Those that were MORE SCARED in MORE SITUATIONS tended to get out in time when there actually WAS a tiger behind the bushes. So here we are today, with those same instincts. Only most of our fears are social fears. In some social situations, we feel uneasy, anxious, etc. Our ego (collection of protective social instincts) is telling us to get the heck out. Of course, this warning signal is absolutely false. So, how do we get rid of those uneasy feelings in some situations? One way is to FACE OUR FEARS and prove they aren't true. This takes a lot of courage, and a lot of persistence. Luckily, there's an easier way. By understanding the structure, we can slowly dismantle any social fear. Without ever taking more risk than we're comfortable. And soon, all social fear will be a thing of the past. Learn How: Stop Manipulation
  7. Learn The Meta Skill

    Some skills are easy to practice, while others not so much. For some skills, we don't even think of them in terms of "skills" or "practicing." Imagine if a high school basketball team felt this way. They only played basketball when they had a game. Not even for warm ups. Clearly, so long as these were normal kids (and not genetically engineered mutants) they would suck. Most people realize that to be good in things like basketball, you need to practice. But for some reason, we look at other skills, and put them in binary categories. Things we can do, and things we can't do. But ANYTHING can be thought of as a skill. Just thinking of it as a skill can get it out of the binary category (can do or can't do) and puts it on a sliding scale. Once you've got that out of they way, all you need to do is practice. This isn't always so easy. Take public speaking for example, most people believe that the ONLY way to practice public speaking is to practice public speaking. Luckily, this is far from being true. Because there are a LOT of components that go into public speaking. Curiously, the MOST IMPORTANT component is usually only glossed over. If you pick up any book on public speaking, they'll have all kinds of tips on how and when to look at the audience, when and how to use gestures, how to make your points, etc. But nothing on the most IMPORTANT part. That same part that is also the most important part of every other communication skill. That part that will take care of the rest of the other parts (the outer mechanics) naturally. Which part is this? The part commonly referred to as "inner game." IF you feel flamboyantly confident, you won't need to "learn" how to "publicly speak." It will come naturally. In fact, trying to learn the "outer game stuff" like gestures and words and eye contact, is kind of putting the cart before the horse. The "horse" which is the inner driver of all behavior, is your inner game. And luckily, there are PLENTY of ways to build up STRONG inner game. Many of them you can do all on your own, so nobody will know anything. Until YOU'VE got the strongest inner game around. Learn How: Stop Manipulation
  8. Dale Carnegie was a super hero in his day. His most famous book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is what he's known for. But at the time, he had a huge teaching business. In fact, his interactions through his teaching business is how he learned all those rules. The seminars he ran were self confidence through public speaking. You can still take them today. Twelve weeks of intense confidence building through public speaking. If you've read the book, (or seen one of the many infographics summarizing the principles), they you know it's not a bunch of metaphysical hooey. It's common sense, "people logic" that actually works. There's a lot of overlap in his principles and the research of Dr. Cialdini. Cialdini is the guy who INVENTED things like "authority," "social proof," and all those other terms that people throw around without really understanding. Even more impressive, Cialdini didn't invent them in an academic ivory tower like a lot of other psychological mumbo jumbo. He actually went out with his team and did a lot of "field testing." Proper scientific type experiments (repeating tests, removing as many variables as possible) just to make sure he knew what was really happening. And savvy advertisers have been applying those same principles to increase sales by millions of dollars a year. Cialdini's angle is that persuasion isn't an art, it's a science. If you mix the same two chemicals in the same way, you'll get the same result every time. And if you apply the same persuasion techniques in the right way, you'll get the same result. One of Carnegie's most powerful idea is that you can get anybody to do ANYTHING, so long as it satisfies two very important criteria. The first is they have to do it for THEIR reasons. If you are trying to persuade somebody to do something because of what YOU think, you are breaking this important rule. The second is that they have to think it was THEIR idea. So if they even SUSPECT you are trying to influence them, then this rule is broken as well. If you adhere to these two very simple and very powerful rules, it's very easy. If you break either of both of them, then it's just a numbers game, and a low probability one at that. So, the billion dollar question. HOW, exactly do you follow those two rules? How can you communicate to somebody so they do what YOU want for their reasons AND believe it was THEIR idea? Like This: Hypnotic Sales
  9. Tipping points are everywhere. The straw that broke the camels back, the one snowflake that causes an avalanche, etc. Of course, broken backs and avalanches aren't things people generally seek. But the concept is the same. You have everything on one side of a seesaw. And it takes a certain weight to tip the seesaw over. If you keep adding weight, when you reach the tipping point, the seesaw moves. This is the exact same process that happens when we make a decision. Whenever we are contemplating something, we've got a bunch of reasons to NOT do something, and a bunch of reasons TO do something. We keep going over the both sides (often times subconsciously) until one side is more "powerful" than the other. The more the two sides are different (pro or con) the easier or "stronger" the decision will be. For example, if you're at the zoo, and your friend recommends you jumping into the tiger cage to take a selfie, you MIGHT consider the "benefits" (maybe you'd be famous on social media for a day) but then the negatives (getting eaten) would QUICKLY and STRONGLY outweigh the benefits. Likely in much less than a second. On the other hand, if you're strolling down the street on a nice day, what happens when you see a hundred dollar bill on the ground? You may contemplate the negatives for a split second (maybe you're being pranked, maybe it's counterfeit, maybe you're hallucination) but the positives reason to make the decision to reach down and pick it up would QUICKLY overwhelm the negatives. Whenever we try and influence others, the same rules apply. Unfortunately, most people go about it the wrong way. We try and give others reasons to do things according to OUR model of the world. Like your friend trying to get you to jump in the tiger cage. According to HIS model of the world, that would be pretty cool. But according to YOUR model of the world, that's a pretty horrible idea. Alternatively, when you get them thinking in terms of THEIR model of the world, it's a LOT easier. As easy as picking up money off the street. Learn How: Hypnotic Sales
  10. Little kids like to play pretend. I know I did when I was a kid. Young children especially can imagine creatively. Their brains are in the theta wavelength a lot more. Compared to adults, who are usually between alpha and beta. Alpha is like daydreaming, and beta is like always drinking coffee. They say we naturally shift every so often. Which is why it's hard to concentrate for very long. Eventually, you're brain is going to shift into alpha, even if it's just for a few minutes. That's when you find yourself reading the same sentences over and over, not sure what's going on, when only a few minutes ago you were devouring everything with intense focus. The only time adults drop into theta is when we go to sleep. That brief period where conscious thoughts turn into dreams. Sometimes you can catch yourself right before drifting off to sleep. But kids? They're in theta most of the time. Theta is also the best state to be in to reprogram the mind. However, this generally only works on yourself. It's tough to use theta to program other people's minds, as much as we'd like to. It's not like you can ask your customers or romantic interests to put on a pair of headphones and listen patiently while the suggestions do the work. However, there is a way to get them into theta. And into that wonderful "imagination land" that we usually only experience as children. That's to get them talking about ideal futures. Get them talking about what they want, and then ask them to describe it under the best possible scenario. Once you get them to ignore the normal constraints of their normal life, and into imagination land, you've effectively put them into a very light hypnotic trance. And the bigger you can get them dreaming, the deeper the trance goes. Turning their mind into a fertile playground. Have Fun: Hypnotic Sales
  11. There are a lot of cool metaphors about the human condition. A metaphor, of course, is a simplified way of looking at something. Something that either too complicated or too complex to describe. Most of our language is filled with metaphors. It can turn into a problem, however, when we mistake the metaphor for reality. In NLP, they say "the map is not the territory." In this "truism," the metaphor is the map that is an approximation of reality. And the map is reality itself. Metaphors are helpful as long as they help us make right choices and get closer to what we want. But they aren't helpful if they trick us into "magical thinking," usually to remove risk or action on our part. While it would be cool if we could say some magic words over and over and make a brick of gold appear in our lap, it's not the best income generating strategy. Since we live in a real world with real people, we need to learn real things so we can get more of the stuff we want, and less of the stuff we don't want. So are metaphors for the human condition not helpful? On the contrary. Because some of the most MIND BOGGLING things happen right out in plain site. Even something as MUNDANE as "science" is not very well understood on a lot of levels. If you got a bunch of the world's smartest scientists in one room, it wouldn't take very many questions until they could only answer them with, "I don't know!" That's why I like the Mulder-Scully version of human nature. The who-who? Those were the two FBI agents on the X-files. Each show was cleverly written so at the end, they could explain it (whatever happened) with both science AND paranormal mumbo jumbo. After all, science can be indistinguishable from magic, if it's advanced enough. Here's my favorite metaphor of human nature. Once upon a time, the gods were arguing about where to put our greatest power. They didn't want to make it so easy for us to find it, otherwise we would abuse it. So they hid it, and hid it really well. But figuring out the perfect place was the tricky part. Tops of mountains, bottom of oceans, on other planets, they figured we'd find it in all those places. So they stuck it where we'd be least likely to look, or even suspect. Right inside us. Find It: Sex Transmutation
  12. Ten Inch Penis

    On the very top of this page: https://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/ There is a link to the FAQ: http://mindper256.s3.amazonaws.com/SubliminalGuide.pdf Give it a read if you haven't already.
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  14. Ten Inch Penis

    Thanks for reply, so there are many variables for your product to work. Do you mention this on your website?
  15. When looking back through history, we tend to see things in terms of "events." Like the French Revolution, for example. It sounds like an event. Something that happened. History books tell us that it lasted ten years. But that's not entirely accurate. It's not like everybody was feeling fantastic right up until the night before that ten year "event" started. Then everybody spontaneously decided having a revolution would be a good idea. More likely a lot of people had been upset for a lot of different reasons for a LONG TIME before they started throwing punches. Tom Clancy became famous for writing thriller novels with MASSIVE attention to detail. One of his books was about terrorists who got their hands on an atomic bomb. Now, a nuclear explosions is FAST. But Clancy somehow spent two pages describing this "process" that takes microseconds. And made it interesting! It's been said that there are three kinds of people in life. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, "What happened?" One way to look at life, either on an individual level or even a society wide level is a great "unfolding." The "end" of one event and the beginning of another "event" all depends on how you define these events, AND who is doing the defining. A common idea in life is to "hurry up and get there." Like kids in the back seat of a car on a family trip. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Consider instead to enjoy the never ending PROCESS of life. Sleeping to waking, being hungry to being full, being bored to being excited. There is no shortage of "unfoldings" to appreciate. If you are TOO focused on the destination (are we there yet?) you'll miss all the stuff along the way. Once upon a time all humans were nomads. Explorers. They NEVER really wondered "are we there yet" since they had no idea where they were going. Only that they wanted to find a BETTER place than where they were. Consider making the decision to ENJOY the unfolding of life. Especially the transitions, state changes and phase shifts. One of the most profound thing of all is how "thoughts" become "things." After all, once upon a time there was nothing on Earth. Now there is TONS of stuff. And every single one of those "things" was a "thought." What's thoughts will you turn into things? Get Started: Sex Transmutation
  16. Ten Inch Penis

    This is impossible. How beliefs affect behaviors is not linear. I have no idea who you are, what of personality you have, etc. Everybody will be affected differently by the same suggestions. Changing beliefs to change behaviors is a very complicated PROCESS. You are not doing something as simple as baking a cake where somebody can tell you EXACTLY what to do to get the EXACT results you want. In the process of changing your beliefs, you will start to TRY THINGS on your own to augment the process. If you are expecting to lay their passively while the sounds do all the work, that will not happen. You need to PARTICIPATE. Part of the participating process is journaling about YOUR OWN THOUGHTS and how they are affected by the listening sessions. Some of the things you think AFTER listening can help you choose behaviors that MAY or MAY not create the results you seek. But none of that will happen if you are expecting linear results. This is why daily JOURNALING is essential. It helps get the thoughts out of your mind, on paper, so you can look at them and then see if they lead you to THINK of different behaviors.
  17. Ten Inch Penis

    WOW Laci where were you all these times, as soon I post a negative comment. Administrator replied and immediately after a user replied. So George tells that(blue) and my question are in red The sessions change your beliefs. (so my penis will remain the same but I will belief that my penis is huge) Your beliefs change your behavior.(what behavior will acquire after listening, please list the behaviors?) Your behavior creates the result The subliminals DO NOT alter reality. ( So you are telling that the size of my penis will remain the same since subliminals do not alter reality)
  18. A big problem for many people is motivation. We know what to do, we just don't have the energy. Or we would like the outcome, but the steps to get the outcome are not something we like to think about. For example, say somebody imagined being a decent piano player. Good enough to sit down at a party and bang our a few tunes. (Or guitar or any other party instrument). When they are AT the party, that idea sounds VERY compelling. So compelling that they make the decision (while they are at the party and imagining how cool it would be to sit down and play a few tunes) to learn the piano. While they make that decision, they look at all the people at the party and can easily imagined all those people looking at them and smiling. This FURTHER motivates their decision. They might even feel it as one of those "aha" moments. They've discovered their purpose. They KNOW that playing the piano (or learning how) is what they are supposed to do. Only when they sit down to practice, something happens. They're alone. All those people they imagined are gone. Standing there at a party, surrounded by interesting looking people, it's VERY EASY to "decide" to learn the piano. Only when you sit down, that "desire" is not strong enough to carry you through the daily boring frustrating grind of practice. So they "put off" their "dream" of playing the piano. They might not admit this to themselves. We humans are pretty good at coming up with excuses NOT to do things. Maybe they'll practice when they've more time. Or maybe they need a new keyboard. Or maybe they want to study a little music theory first. ALL OF THESE would VANISH if they had what Napoleon Hill called a "burning desire." The purpose of a "burning desire" is to power you through the boring and repetitive stuff you NEED to do in order to get what you want. Unfortunately, a burning desire is going to show out of nowhere. It's something you need to CREATE. But once you learn how to CREATE IT, it will become self-sustaining. And actually doing things like practicing the piano (or any other tasks that you need motivation for) will be EXCITING. You'll be DRIVEN to practice. Or give speeches, or make calls or be creative. Once you figure out how to "switch on" your eternal burning desire, you can use it to power ANYTHING. Learn How: Sex Transmutation
  19. Ten Inch Penis

    I've been listening for about 3 or 4 weeks. I purchased the product because I've been gradually shrinking for the past 5 or 6 years. Other than taking supplements, I haven't done much else. I finally decided to actively do something about my situation. In the beginning, I was listening every night, and somehow expected miracles over night. The first couple of times I measured myself, I became very disappointed. Apparently, simply listening, and measuring each day wasn't enough. For me, listening was only a fraction of what needed to be done to see noticeable results. Besides listening, I also did visualizing, and stretching exercises, along with supplementation. My experience now, is that I'm growing by micro tear increments every day. I actually enjoy actively doing things to make myself bigger. Although I don't consciously hear the statements, I'm subconsciously driven to take action daily. Every now and then, I also review the pdf, and I'm amazed at how I completely accept, and agree with the statements. I wouldn't mind having an audible Gamma and Theta version, although not necessary. Either way, this is good enough for me and well worth the $5 price.
  20. The Butterfly Effect

    There are a lot of cool metaphors for "transforming." Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous is the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Ugly looking thing turns into a thing of beauty. Most of life can be measured or looked at through the lens of "transitions." Even mundane things like doing pushups can be looked at through transitions. If you've ever done any kind of physical training (or any training) then you're familiar with the idea of the plateau. That frustrating part where you just can't do any more pushups. Or can't bench any more, or can't improve your speed, or can't lose any more weight. But then something happens, and BOOM, you're at the next level. Any trainer will tell you that progress is not steady. It comes in spurts. In fact, one way to look at the "plateau" is the long needed preparation for the growth spurt. Problem is, most of us dumb humans have a tough time being patient. We want results, and we want them NOW! We don't like the idea of spinning our wheels and hoping a growth spurt hits. We tend to give up, which pretty much GUARANTEES that any progress won't come. There was a famous stock trader from before the Great Depression, Jesse Livermore. He said, "It wasn't my thinking that made me rich, it was my sitting." Meaning he didn't get rich by picking the right stocks at the right time, or having any brilliant insights. He got rich by patiently waiting while his stocks kept going up. You might say the same about human progress. It's not the massive growth spurts that you need to focus on. It's the patient, daily activities that slowly BUILD UP to those growth spurts. Only then can you experience there transformations that make life magic. What kinds of transformations? Failures into experience into success. Not having skills into having skills. Regular skills into world class skills. Curiosity into knowledge and understanding. Energy into action. Thoughts into things. Learn More: Sex Transmutation
  21. The Banana Up The Tree

    Energy has always been a problem for all living creatures. Even small single cells have to worry about the energy they consume, and they energy they spend. Of course, they don't actually "worry." It's more or less programmed into their genetics. The same way a monkey gets a certain feeling when he looks up at a banana. If the banana is worth only 200 calories, but it will take 300 calories to get it, the monkey won't get a good "feeling." He'll get a "that banana is too high" feeling. Humans are more or less the same way. But the difference with us humans is our brains are WAY more complicated. So when we think of getting something, most of the "feelings" we get "either good or bad" are wholly IRRATIONAL. Also, we rarely think in terms of calories. Instead we think in terms of money, which is the same thing, namely stored energy, but in a VERY complex form. So here we are with our complex brains filled with complicated ideas (most of them false) trying to estimate how hard or easy it will be to get some "energy" (in the form of highly complex "money"), and it's no wonder we get confused. We're using a lot of HALLUCINATIONS to think of getting complex money-energy (a hallucination itself) which is represented by PAPER. Even if you REMOVE this "hallucinated money-energy" from the equation, just thinking about interacting with other HALLUCINATING entities (other people) is pretty confusing. Just walking up to somebody with the intention of making them smile and appreciate you is pretty scary for most of us. Luckily, we ALL have an internal "energy" source that can POWER THROUGH most of the junk. Kind of like those guys in those jungle movies use machetes to hack their way through the brush. This energy can act like a LIGHT, a purifying source that will blast away all the false reality that keeps us stuck. Kind of like stumbling around in your garage in the dark, vs. opening up the garage door and letting in the sunlight. When you learn to RADIATE this energy, EVERYTHING will be much simpler, and much easier. Find Out More: Sex Transmutation
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  23. Alexander the Great was one of the world's top conquerors. Going by actual square miles conquered, he's in the top ten. Genghis Khan is number one. If the Earth were to enter a BAMF contest with other planets of humanoids, I think Genghis would be a pretty good representative. Born as a peasant, parents killed by raiders, he rose to control huge armies and left a long lineage. One out of every eight Asians has Uncle Genghis in their DNA. Alexander was another story. He came from royal blood. His father was king of Macedonia. But his "team" was one of the best. Since they all came from Greece, they'd been fighting each other for a while. So when he united them, (or finished up what his father had started) he had a LOT of talent. One of the reason they were undefeated in battle was their flexibility. Alexander was like a QB on a team that could do ANYTHING. Running game, short passing game, long bombs, no huddle offense. And the other teams they played (usually the Persians, since they'd conquered most of the places Alexander re-conquered) had a simple game. Like an up the middle running game. Most people if they were in Genghis' shoes (parents killed, dirt poor) would have given up. Some people say that Alexander was "lucky" since he inherited his father's kingdom, and had a collection of the best armies on Earth. But in reality, there is only us, and the hands we are dealt. Genghis had a lot less, and turned it into near world domination. Alexander started way ahead, but in reality, most (nearly half according to historians) of the places he "conquered" just switched flags when he and his boys showed up. New boss, old boss, same difference, they said. We can't control the life we've given. But we CAN control what we do with it. Genghis literally had NOTHING. But he build a world empire, one that frightened even the mightiest kings and armies of Europe. What empire will YOU build? Get Started: Entrepreneurial Mind
  24. Ten Inch Penis

    All refunds are processed, none are questioned. Please understand how subliminals work: The sessions change your beliefs. Your beliefs change your behavior. Your behavior creates the result The subliminals DO NOT alter reality. The recommendations are as follows: 1) Listen once per day with a clear intention. 2) Journal every day about your results with the following suggested outline: What evidence do I see of changes happening? What things could I DO to enhance these changes? 3) Use your daily journaling and experiences to feed into your visualization. What specific visualizations have you been doing? Have you been doing any journaling? Have you been DOING anything differently to augment your listening? Those that only passively listen without ever doing anything differently will not get results. The sessions are meant to support your efforts, not replace them. I'm happy to provide a refund if you send an email requesting one.
  25. Ten Inch Penis

    Week 4 Result Increase = 0% No sign of improvement I think the subliminal do not work. Since the price is only $5 (I am living in a developing country, even here 5$ is peanut)and the duration is 1hour. The author strategy is, no one will listen to this everyday and will be ashamed to ask for refund. So 100% profit for the author. I will continue to listen for 4 weeks and see what happen.
  26. Tap The Flow Of Life

    There's an idea in economics and investing about money flow. It's not that main stream, so you won't hear about it on the news. But it's the idea that instead of the amount of money being the driving force in any given system (money supply, banks, actual size in GDP of an economy, etc.) that the flow is much more important. It's usually talked about how the Fed raising or lowering interest rates effects the stock market. Most believe it's the actual number, but a minority of economists believe it's the CHANGE in the number, not the final setting. It's easier to think of this in personal terms. Most people like the idea of having a ton of money in the bank. People feel that if they "had" a couple million, for example, everything would be "good." But consider that the "flow" of money might be more important than the amount of money. If you had two million for example, how long would that last? If you didn't get any interest, you could spend 40K a year for fifty years, and then it would be gone. For many people, that would be IDEAL. A dream come true. Trouble is it's like being hungry, and thinking that EVERYTHING is delicious. On the other hand, if you aren't really hungry, it's easy to have trouble choosing. Once you get used the idea of ONLY having 40K a year, that "dream come true" might turn into a trap. Once all of your money fears were gone, (you had 40K a year for 50 years) you'd start having money WANTS. Wants that you couldn't achieve, because 40K a year, while keeping your rent paid, you and your family well-fed and out of trouble, wouldn't exactly let you live the high life. Consider an alternative. That instead of seeking a certain amount, seek a certain flow. A consistent flow of money into your account. A flow that YOU can control. Clearly, this isn't easy. This does take quite a bit of work. Which is why so few people can achieve this. But even the ATTEMPT will make you feel alive. On purpose. Continuously striving forward, increasing your skills, learning more about the world and yourself. After all, I don't believe we humans were put here to "just" get our needs met so we could "be comfortable." We were put here to THRIVE. So Start Thriving: Entrepreneurial Mind
  27. My journey towards making 100K a month | Journal

    Hey marvelous, well I noticed that when I listen to the 100K a month subliminal I hear about many contest, usually on the radio. You be surprised how much money radio stations give away per week. Sometimes its 500, 1000, and even concert tickets. But I never call in though. One day I will. Well recently I saw on social about a dream job to travel and make 10K a month, and it seems legit. Let's see what happens I notice that the 100K subliminal does bring more ideas of wealth.
  28. So I've come to the personal realization that master mixes are better for me personally. I've bought so many of Hutton's subliminals and others that I don't have the time to listen to all of them effectively. I also use a lot of your subs in the moment for "seduction purposes" and yeah they work, but they really work when I put the master mixes to use. Which had me come to my own individual epiphany that if I listen to master mixes just like I listen to individual tracks ( but for like 2 hrs. not 20 min. which I do for individual tracks ) on a daily basis I'll still get those long-term results, which may take longer with master mixes, but I can cover vast amounts of content in much shorter amounts of time. I understand that I will need to touch up with individual sub tracks to work on certain areas more profoundly. I also discovered that our subconscious can hold up to 25,000 bits of information at one time which means I can create master mixes of master mixes, I have a sound editor now so I can make my own custom versions of all the wonderful content you have to offer. With this discovery, I also came to the notion that if we want to speed up results why not listen to the same track simultaneously two and three times over and your good to go ... anyone has any input, suggestions, or questions about this methodology please feel free to chime in, and Hutton in your opinion do you think this will work ?
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